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Jones Aiken

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Rashonda is a mother and wife. Being raised by her single mother and grandparents, along with aunts, great grand-aunts and a slew of older cousins, she was taught to be independent, humble, open-minded, and generous and was told to always respect her elders. Rashonda was the only child for ten years until her younger brother came along.


While Rashonda was taking care of everyone else, she had to make sure she got time to herself. She started reading different books here and there. Not any specific genre, but something to read to herself. A few years later, Rashonda joined a book club in New Jersey named Black Voices. The book club dispersed, and everyone went their separate ways. Rashonda kept reading various authors’ books, but she had a few favorites that she would follow.


Rashonda had a meeting for a new book club to see how they operated. She liked the book club and knew a couple of the members from her hometown. Rashonda was accepted into the book club, named Literary Ladies Book Club, out of New Jersey. Rashonda is currently a member for the past nine years. She is also L2 FaceBook and Twitter administrator for her book club.


Rashonda is the CEO and a children’s book author under her publishing company Rahway Girlz Publishing, along with her daughters Se’Quince and Wynter. Se’Quince is an author with over four books under her name. Wynter is the web designer for Rahway Girlz Publishing. Wynter is a Kean University graduate, Contributing/Freelance Writer, and owner of RGP Muse Magazine.


Rashonda was born and raised in New Jersey and lives there with her twin daughters and cat Brownie.

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