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Welcome to my World!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my blog page "Mother's Warrior" and to our website if you haven't been here before. We have now upgraded our website by adding a couple of things. We now have a store to order books from, my blog page, an event page (no events until 2021), and then RGP Tribune (under Wynter's page).

Let me introduce myself if you don't know me or never met me. My name is Rashonda! I am a mother of twin girls Wynter & SeQuince who are my world. I am a self-published author of a children's coloring book All About Animals & The Alphabet. I have co-written six anthologies with some amazing author friends. I have some new projects coming by the end of the year and the new year 2021.

I have some drinks and appetizers to get you started. Pick one, sit back, and browse through the website. We may have some books that may interest you or not. Go on and share for other readers who may enjoy it instead. As you are browsing, get ready to come back tomorrow because I am planning a celebration tomorrow night.

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