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New Anthology Release

Hello family, friends, readers and book lovers. Today is Taco Tuesday with drinks, so grab one with a drink

while you read this new anthology because you know that today is the day that

Confessions Secrets & Lies Anthology was released on E-book. It is also available in paperback for those readers who likes to have a copy. So, if you pre-ordered the e-book, you should have it on Kindle or any other e-reader device.

I am excited because I was selected as a Brown Girl. This is my 6th published story for an anthology, but my first with Brown Girls Publishing. My other anthologies were with Shar-Shey Publishing, Women on a Mission Enterprise for # 1 best selling She Power international and domestic and Luna Claire Publication for Untethered Woman that was also #1 best seller for International and D. I am currently working on two new anthologies with Shar-Shey and Women on a Mission Enterprise that are due to come out later this year. If you are not familiar with my stories, you can go to my website for review.

Happy Reading and Happy Taco Tuesday!

Don't forget to leave us your Review!

Love, Rashonda

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