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Phenomenal Woman for 2022

Here we are at the last day of the month and year of 2021. All around the world right now is preparing to end the year of 2021 and welcome 2022. A lot has happened in 2020/2021 and we still cannot believe it has gone by so soon. But right now, it's time to ring in 2022 on a good note. Cheers to all the people who love us, those who we lost and anyone who was lucky to meet us during the pandemic in person or virtual. In 2022, let's live a moment for yourself. Do not love the same year over and over again calling it life. I have decided that this new year will be an excellent year. I plan on doing a lot of self care for myself. I do not plan on forcing conversations or relationships. Whatever happens, happens. Whatever don't happen, don't.

Over the years I have become to know a lot

of phenomenal women. I have known some fabulous women for years and met some new ones. I have a great support system. I am truly grateful for every day of each year that I have so many women that showers me with their love and support. No matter what! Every year comes with a lesson. I hope this brings one for each of you. Learning is the best part of life. You learn from the past mistakes and try not to repeat them going forward. What's coming is better than what's going. If you don't make the necessary change, you will be rusted.

May this year be filled with love, peace and laughter for each and every one of you. A new journey begins with a new year. Let's look for a new start but not with old habits. Let all the fake people go their happy way, ring out the old and ring in the new.

Let's make a new year with a new me and a new you. Don't have regrets in the new year of why you didn't start a new day of goals, ambitions, dreams and whatever else you decide. Start celebrating what you want to see more of. That will be my new start. Live a moment for yourself and not someone else.

So, before the year ends, I want to acknowledge and thank all my family, friends, my papa team, my customers, acquaintances and all who has supported me, along with Se'Quince and Wynter over the past couple of years and more.

Be thankful to God that we are alive to start a new year ahead.

Happy New Year!

Love, Rashonda

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