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Congratulatory and Happy Birthday

Welcome back to Mother's Warrior. So glad you can join us for some dessert. Today is Wynter's 24th birthday. For dinner, we had salmon Ceasar salad with a mimosa. For dessert, we have Wynter's favorite kind of cake. All week Wynter has been waiting for her salmon and cake. It's just one of those special days. The second part of the celebration is that Wynter finished all her classes as a senior in college at Kean University. She received all her grades from the seven classes she had to take this last semester. Wynter received 5-A's and 2-B's. She ended the semester with a GPA of 3.63. We are so proud of Wynter in all her accomplishments throughout the school year. It was a little rough, but she put on her Big Girl panties and pulled through. You have to join us next Friday for the virtual graduation Live.

So before you go, grab a glass and a slice of cake and enjoy it. Come back again tomorrow night for another birthday celebration.

Don't forget to subscribe to our website if you haven't done so. We appreciate you celebrating with us tonight.

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