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Are you listening!

Hello family and friends,

Like a lot of you, we have all been deeply saddened and angered by the recent events around the country. We all feel frustration, pain, and outraged with all the racial injustices throughout communities. I understand we all want to see meaningful change. We all should support and stand in solidarity with peaceful protests that demands systemic change. No form of words or no type of social posts will convey this type of change, we know we must take action, not just for today, but every day and going forward. It all starts with us listening to one another, We all need to listen intently, start new conversations, and most of all, learn from one another. Everyone has different opinions on subject matters, so that's why it is important to hear and listen.

We have to recognize change that is ongoing. These current events are a very painful, yet powerful, reminder that we still have ways to go but TOGETHER WE STAND, we can make a difference. Our top priority is to keep safety first and ensure the well-being of others.

When you have children you should always keep open communication as I do with my daughters. We all have our opinions, but we all express our concerns differently. This generation of children, teenagers, and young adults see things and express differently. At time I have to keep an open mind and listen.

Stay well, stay safe, keep your distance, and wear your mask.

Peace and blessings.

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