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Over a few years, Se’Quince has talked about writing a book. Not just any book, her story, Life is a Journey. "Life is a Journey" is about Se’Quince living and accepting her disability cerebral palsy.

Se’Quince is an inspiring author and a public speaker. She is the owner of her own publishing company with her mother and sister at Rahway Girlz Publishing. This desire was birthed from her wanting to have a publishing name behind her book.

Se’Quince resides in New Jersey with both of her parents and twin sister and cat Brownie. She has been writing since the age of 16. Se’Quince also enjoys speaking to the public about her disability and not to give up on your dreams no matter the situation is.

Se’Quince resides in New Jersey with both of her parents, twin sister and their pet kitten Brownie.

Books by SeQuince Aiken

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