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Zola: Coming Soon

We're so excited about our new children's book, Zola, that's in production.

Not only is it the first book written by all three Rahway Girlz, but it's a timely and needed representation of healthy black power that our children of color need to see right now.

Zola is a creative and heroic story for all the black kids in America and the world to see someone like them play the superhero narrative.

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Gifts are a precious and unique thing to have and Zola Gonyae has the greatest gift of all-an enchanting gift that not only helps herself but can save others.

Zola is a witty ten-year-old girl from the Planet Zion. A planet that holds one of their most powerful beings in the form of one young girl who possesses the gift of earth’s very core. Zion’s harmonic balance and wisdom reside within Zola making all things nature be at her beck and call- as allies and as friends.

In the urban city of Osarith, Zola resides with her parents Semaj and Yami. They are perceived to be normal apart from their daughter, but Zola’s special gift comes from the matriarch of the Gonyae family-Elder and Residential Seer aka. Grandmother aka Mama Noemi. Many think Elder Gonyae is a kooky old lady with voodoo powers but to the creatures that lurk in the night-she is their greatest foe and threat to their demonic way of life.

As Zola grows older, the creatures and monsters alike will begin to fear her. The training, courage, and strength that Mama Noemi will give young Zola power will be able to defeat all those that do her harm. All creatures and demons alike feel both must be stopped and their demonic legacy destroyed.



The Rahway Girlz

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