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6 Black Women Owned Hair Care Brands that are Moisturizing your textures with Hair Masks/Pre-poos!

When you suffer from dry hair and breakage the best thing to do is to hydrate and moisturize! Whether you have 4c tight coils or 3b to 4a curls, you want haircare products that are beneficial to your hair type and specific needs. A good and natural, sustainable, and affordable hair mask or pre-poo product added to your wash routine will not only bring up the dirt and flakes from wearing your hair in protective styles or twists, but will also give your hair a healthy detox before adding shampoo and conditioner. I personally know how it feels to deal with frizzy and dehydrated 4c curls and luckily these products down below have helped make my wash days manageable between protective styles.

These 6 black owned hair care brands will give your hair much needed love and care-all at an affordable price! (I have personally used these products and though they have worked for me, use judgement when using them for your own hair type/texture!)

1. BREAD Detox + Wash Mud Mask, created by Maeva Heim

Maeva Heim has created a hair care brand in BREAD Beauty that makes the girlies squeal in wash day happiness! Your wash day routine has just got a little better with Bread’s Detox + Wash Mud Mask. With natural ingredients such as Seed, Hemp, and Ananas Sativus (Pineapple), and suitable for all hair types from tight coils, curly, afro, and thick, to straight, wavy, and fine, this mask will moisturize and exfoliate your hair so it’s ready for any style post shampoo and condition. Never leave the house again with dry and damaged hair because Bread’s haircare line will get you right!

Maeva Heim, Founder of Bread Beauty

Bread Beauty Website

Bread Beauty Instagram

2. Adwoa Beauty Blue Tansy Reparative Mask, created by Julian Addo

Julian Addo has changed the game when it comes to black women owned hair care. Her products such as the Blue Tansy Reparative Mask will not only deeply condition, control frizz, detangle and define curls, enhance your hair’s shine, but also prevent breakage and help seal in moisture.

A natural, protein-based hair mask that is made of ingredients such as Moroccan lava clay, Blue Tansy flower oil, and spirulina extract, that have your hair singing in praise as your wash days will be relaxing and leave no doubt that your hair will remain thick and cleansed. Make sure you follow the specific directions on how to use the mask for the very best results!

Julian Addo, Founder of Adwoa Beauty

Adwoa Beauty Website

Adwoa Beauty Instagram

3. Nasara Organics Pre-poo & Sealing Oil, created by Khy Elijah

The natural hair journey can be a doozy but with the right products for your hair, it can get easier! Depending on your personal hair regime, you may not have thought to keep adding on products and you don’t have to, but if you decide that perhaps a good pre-poo before you wash your hair with shampoo is needed, look no further than natural, organic, affordable, and black woman owned brand Nasara Organics, founded by Khy Elijah.

Her brand is empowered by the needs of black women who want products that are not only affordable and rich in ingredients but also has no sulfates and parabens. Being a Natural Hair Specialist, Khy Elijah’s Pre-poo and Sealing Oil is used as a protective layer for your curls, giving them much needed definition before applying shampoo or the Nasara Organics Protein Potion & Follicle Moisturizer.

Khy Elijah, Founder of Nasara Organics

Nasara Organics Website

Nasara Organics Instagram

4. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Heal & Renew Intensive Care Hair Masque, created by Renee Morris

Make your hair feel good and funky with the intensive care power of the Heal & Renew Intensive Care Hair Mask by black owned hair care brand Uncle Funky’s Daughter, founded by Renee Morris! With high quality production and plant-based and organic ingredients like aloe, peppermint, avocado, aloe vera juice, coconut, baoba, argan, and olive oil as the base for moisturization, protein optimization and preventing breakage, this hair mask will leave your coils and curls of all hair textures with a feeling of fresh air and relaxation for the scalp.

You can use it as a monthly moisturizing treatment or whenever it’s needed for hydration, to prepare your hair for shampoo and deep conditioning. Just in time for those faux locs or goddess braids!

Renee Morris, Founder of Uncle Funky's Daughter

Uncle Funky's Daughter Website

Uncle Funky's Daughter Instagram

5. Mielle Organics Pre-Shampoo Treatment with Mongongo Oil, created by Monique Rodriguez

Pre-shampooing just became easier when it comes thick coils with Mielle Organics Pre-Shampoo Treatment that is full of organic rich oils like mongongo oil, almond oil, and sacha inchi oils.

Tackle those curls with a detangling and conditioning treatment that is sure to have your hair bouncy and most of all-healthy pre-wash. Make the best of your wash days with Monique Rodríguez's successful hair care line and no longer worry about hair products that aren’t made for you.

Monique Rodriquez, Founder of Mielle Organics

Mielle Organics Website

Mielle Organics Instagram

6. Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Ultra Shield Pre-Poo with Castor Oil, created by Lisa Price

Lisa Price, with her hair care brand that has reached millions of naturalista’s over the years, has ultimately changed the way we see and take care of our natural hair. One of my personal favorites- the Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Ultra Shield Pre-Poo can make your wash days less stressful because those knots will be combed, and those coils will regain it’s shine even after having in a protective style like passion twists or knotless braids.

Filled with beneficials oils to the scalp like Castor Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil and Ginger, your scalp will breathe a sigh of relief and it will help minimize breakage, protect and strengthen your strands (2a-4c) and make the detangling much easier. After you finish your newly improved hair care routine, hit your girls up for brunch because your hair will turn heads!

Lisa Price, Founder of Carol's Daughter

Carol's Daughter Website

Carol's Daughter Instagram

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