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Accessible Van

Hello, my name is Se'Quince Aiken. I am a twenty four year young adult who is wheelchair bound with the disability of cerebral palsy. My mother and I need transportation to get around to doctor appointments and therapy sessions. My Go Fund Me page is to help me raise money for the Modifications on a new used accessible van with a back entry lift inside. For the past eight years, my mom was driving my grandmother's van (my grandmother became too old to drive) to drive to work, to doctor appointments for myself, grandmother, great grandmother and to take my sister to and from school. Well, the van has stopped driving.

The van was sixteen years old and it finally had it's last run. In the picture you will see the old and the new one we are working on to get.. We now have no transportation. Since Covid-19, I have been doing in home physical therapy, but I still have to go out for follow up visits to the doctor. Each donation is greatly appreciated to help me continue what we need to do as a family. For your appreciation, each person who donate, your name will  be placed on my website for each of your generosity.

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