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Your Vibrational Journey is essential to healing and growth. Empower your worth Lalah Delia says.

Lalah Delia, spiritual writer, author and wellness educator gave an inspirational speech on Oct. 16th about taking on your Vibrational Journey. Empowering your sense of self worth and how to get out of a damaging luminol self. You have to slow down, be mindful and also be aware of the energy that you are putting out into the world.

"Tap into your sacred knowledge, vibrate higher and look at your demons in the face, transform," Delia said.

Let go of your fear, laugh at it. We are in sensitive times so it's essential to remember our higher purpose. We need to release all of our pain, sadness, and focus on the prize of growth, relentless power, and don't feel defeated.

"Laugh at the face of your fear, your enemy. Allow fear to transmute into passion. Since fear is hanging, make it work," Delia said.

"Choose a different vibration."

Read Lalah Delia book at her website and follow her social media!. All information is available on

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