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Why are we still dealing with unjustified deaths of black people? Justice for Quawan Charles.

Quawan "Bobby" Charles, a young black boy was found in a sugarcane field after going missing in rural Louisiana. He was only 15. His unexpected death raises more questions than gives answers. It seems to be the tragic story of Emmett Till happening once again. Officials don't want to call it a hate crime since the investigation of his death is still being underway even though forensics have concluded it to be a drowning as the cause of death. But time and time again we are seeing black boys and girls go missing and then are found dead. Once again a family has to mourn and wonder if they will receive justice.

His family also believes him drowning is unlikely and that Quawan was actually murdered since his face was "horrible disfigured". Law enforcement once again has failed a young black boy, just as Emmett Till was failed long ago. If Charles were another color, perhaps it would of been a different conclusion. As a community, we are dealt a hard hand and the fight for justice is never-ending.

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