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We need more black voices for Cerebral Palsy Advocacy. My opinion.

I feel there is a lack of black diversity when it comes to spokesmen, advocates, medical professionals, and activists in support for Cerebral Palsy. We see other disabilities such as Autism get spotlight and recognition but what about the less well known disabilities. Yes, there are representation through foundations and in schools such as Jardine Academy, but media outlets could take a stand as well.

Many significant platforms could acknowledge those with the disorders. We need to see more black voices for the Cerebral Palsy community, we need more black Anne McDonald's and Maysoon Zayid's. I think it would be a nice change in all industry platforms. There definitely needs to be more education on the disability because too many people including doctors' and therapists' still remain ignorant of what it can entail specifically concerning the endless medical issues that come with it.

Cerebral Palsy is a group of disorders that deserves more acknowledgement, more support and more love in the black community.

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