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We need black generational wealth in order to succeed.

It is sad to say that my generation’s obsession with having established careers before the age of 25 has led to everyone being hyper competitive, opportunistic, self-centered and deeply insecure. Myself included. On a daily the average young adult is comparing themselves to what they see on social media and thinking why can't I have that or why can't I become that rich?

It’s also very telling that for everyone in my generation has become to be so

entrepreneurial instead of building corporations. Only a handful are working toward their dreams TOGETHER. Everyone wants to build on their own and yet we still aren't evolving in the white centric capitalist society as a unit. We instead need to come together. We need black generational wealth. Get back to black wall street. Advance in our capabilities as a community. Together not divided.

Please just know that the work habits our generation has adopted are unhealthy and parallel that of middle aged white men and women on Wall Street. Family matters. Your relationships matter. "Keeping it in the family" can go a long way if you want it to.

Reassess your priorities and don’t commit to long term business endeavors before you’re ready. Otherwise you're back to square one. Branch and network your vision instead of comparison. We need as a community to prosper and that includes into the business world on a higher scale.

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