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We have the right to simply EXISt.

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Nobody. I mean nobody has to contribute anything incredible to society in order to have the right to exist, to exist comfortablely and completely. No doubt, many people out there actively trying to destroy society and harm others with high praise, too! Black people as a whole have to consistently fight to be anywhere near as comfortable in a space as others. When are we going to be able to say we are comfortable? As long as we live and exist in a hierarchal society, there will always be moments of not feeling like we don't exist or we don't matter.

We have to contribute twice as hard in governmental and overall societal functions. You can be the happiest you’ve ever been and still feel envious, without any reasoning. Its normal. Stop denying it and just be real about it. We have the right to simply exist without the added pressure and that's okay.

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