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Wavy Goonz Mafia-A Lifestyle Brand,Company & Label

Jarez Baron, a business mogul of various creative departments in his own right, has self-established his blueprint of expression, value and quality. He's turned up the spotlight on his own stage, and with Wavy Goonz Mafia growing into an audience grabbing company, its only up and beyond limits for Jarez Baron.

Explain the start-up of the Wavy Goonz Mafia brand? How has it been expanded thus far outside of clothing and music?

Wavy Goonz Mafia is the overall company, label, and lifestyle. It has many amenities under it such as the rap group and merchandise with multiple designs. It's expanding throughout our growth. Within the last two to three years I've been active, we have dropped multiple albums, and EP’s including dozens of videos. Along with selling merchandise.

What do you think of not only your artistry, but as a business man's work ethic as a whole? You've been successful thus far, how do you think you can evolve and grow as a brand even more?

I think I'm a hard worker. I'm a doer now lol, I never completed anything up until recently and it's like I can't stop running through and knocking down goals. People want to work with me, support me, purchase merch. All my blessings are due to the positive energy I put out, my work ethic, mixed with some talent and charm. I think acting and filming our own films will take our music and merchandise to a higher level as well as a bigger audience.

Acting The Part

A New Transition

A new transition into the acting world has put Jarez on a whole new path of opportunity. He has expanded his talent of work ethic and business into another cut-throat industry-film production.

Why have you progressed into acting? Have you always wanted to venture into the film industry or is it merely a new opportunity come your way?

I progressed into acting because I felt unstoppable, I was at my peak and needed a new challenge. From a joke turned into two seasons in an unreleased project/series called Spoken 3rd written and directed by Marz MTB. Ever since I have seen progress with my music and merchandise, I figured the film industry was another outlet I wanted to tap into for creativity. I saw it as promotion for my music and merchandise. If I have my own film, music, and merchandise all independently that’s a success, whether financially or just accomplishing a goal of getting it done. I manifested and put it out there, and many opportunities came my way.

Jarez on why he decided to really dive into the acting scene, his current film release and the challenge of being behind the camera!

Behind the camera is always a vibe when it comes to Jarez Baron-entrepreneur and now actor! The camera catches every movement and feeling and if you have Jarez behind the lense, every pic or clip is bound to come alive.

You've always been in-front of the camera-from music videos to your brand clothing, how is the overall experience for you? What are the challenges of being on camera for you?

Way different! In videos it's a lot of roles and you're doing what you usually do or what you speak about in the music. When you're acting, it's a lot of preparation and studying. I’m still learning as I go. I just used my confidence to jump out there. The only challenge is the lack of experience for me.

What is your latest film that is going to be released? What is it called? What's the story behind it?

So, I started with a short film turned web series called "Spoken 3rd" with a small role turned into a reoccurring role that will be released probably at the same time as the magazine. I have also been given the role as Dhamir, a twin separated from his sister in a film that’s pending shooting called "My Brothers Keeper".

Where do you see the Wavy Goonz Mafia brand in say 5 to 10 years? Will you add your own film company? Add more elements to the clothing part? What's coming next for the company as a whole?

In five to ten years, Wavy Goonz will still be providing music and merchandise on a bigger scale; such as modeling, acting, writing, directing, and producing our own films. Clothing will expand from street wear into high fashion, and books will be coming soon.

Do you plan to expand your brand further into the black community? If so, how do you plan to do it? Do you plan to collaborate with anyone to get word out?

My brand is black owned and is sold and worn in many of the urban communities throughout the state. I'm one of those "feet on the ground" kind of guys. I give a lot back to my community and others. I pride myself on being charitable. In the future, I plan to be more organized most definitely. That would be another attribute added to the company. I also support all black owned businesses. I wear black owned, use black owned, it keeps the money circulating ya know. Yes, I'm open to collab. Feel free to hit me up to work, or for promotion.

You've been through a lot of personal trials and obstacles, but you've made it through and established yourself amongst major peers and supporters. What does self- establishment mean to you, having faced all that you have and still trying to make a difference among others?

Self establishment is important. As a man you want to conquer, rise to the top, and be considered the best. And to do this independently on your own doesn’t make you a better man, but it makes you a stronger, more disciplined one. It means a lot to turn my story around these past couple years, going from negative to positive. To face what I have faced and come out looking this good is nothing but a blessing. I have many comrades who have succumbed to the same trials and tribulations that I overcame.

As you've grown, you've inspired and motivated many to change their lives around for the better, but who do you have in your life that inspires you?

I try to at least, I do that because no one was uplifting to me, I wasn’t inspired by anything I saw. When I was removed from society I was able to disconnect; unlearn and relearn. I was inspired by the bible, the tora, the quran. I was inspired by the books I read and the authors who wrote them. I'm inspired by people who follow their dreams, I'm inspired by others reaching their goals. You inspire me.

You've been working on a book, can you share with readers what it's going to be about? Please give a sneak peek into your future release!

Yeah I'm constantly being pushed to finish my book, but I'm learning everyday while still living. It will be called "Love Yourself Sincerely". Describing my experiences and my mental state at different points of my life up until now. I feel a lot of people from my community will relate, and I feel people who aren’t from my community will have a better understanding-self-help, showing yourself self love, from me, someone that maybe you can or can’t relate to.

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