Unique Girl: Part 2

Hello family and friends. I want to thank you for the good wishes on the first chapter of a few chapters that I will be sharing with you all on my health, journey, and adventures.

Part 2

After having the ileostomy surgery, I thought everything was going back to normal. I started to return to my daily activities; such as spending time with family and friends, going back to the movies, going out to eat, going shopping and exercising. 

Two months later, my recovery started to derail once again. I had unanswered questions about what's wrong. I fell back to being depressed, doubting myself if I made the right decision of having this surgery. My eating habits became poor. The mood swings started again. I would cry in my sleep because of the discomfort and pain. I wasn't sleeping well. I would take naps through the night. My mood swings became passive aggressive and very short tempered. Through all the struggles and tears, I still have the support of my family and friends.

Part 3 coming soon....

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