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Unique Girl: Part 1

Hello family and friends! I wanted to say thank you all for your continuous support, hugs, and prayers as I continue to battle with my health. Some of you know in detail what's been happening and some of you don't. Today, I wanted to explain what's been going on with me. I love that you care, but it's fair to explain. My journey continues.

Part 1

Two years ago, slowly my health became in question. I was going back and forth to the doctors and no one seems to figure out what the problem was. For over a year, I did not feel like myself. I wasn't going out like I used to. The pain kept me hostage in my own body. I couldn't sleep, barely could eat, wasn't social with my friends and I even had to stop physical therapy. As a result, my mental health became in question as well. Not to worry, I plan on seeking advice on how to cope as soon as my health is resolved.

Here is what happened.

Over a year ago, I was suffering from pain in the abdomen. I could not figure out what was causing the pain. It was interfering with my eating and sleeping. Going back and forth to the doctor, no one could figure out the problem. After a while, I thought the doctors thought I was crazy. Sometimes I thought my mom didn't believe me. I didn't think anyone would believe me that it was all in my head. Hell, at times, I thought I was crazy. As times and months have passed, I still wasn't feeling myself with the same problem. 

I went to go see a gastroenterologist. He put me on medicines that didn't help me.  I had seen him for a couple of months and nothing seems to work. I was starting to feel worse than before. I couldn't take the pain, the discomfort and anything else that followed. I was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I was on a fiber diet with all kinds of fiber foods. To me, that seems pointless. It did not help.

I was then referred to another doctor, a colon/rectal surgeon.

He did some tests, X-rays, blood work and whatever else you can think of. I had to see a heart doctor. Long and behold, come to find out, my colon was twisted up like a pretzel. It was so bad, my colon had to be removed. My first surgery was in May. It had taken 6 hours. The recovery was painful. I felt like I was hit by a bus. The next day, I had to go back into surgery. I had started to bloat really bad. My stomach filled up with a lot of air that looked like gas pockets. During my hospital stay, I wind up with 2 different types of pneumonia and infectious disease. My two week stay in the hospital was long, hard and unbearable. 

I was released in the two-week stay. I left the hospital with a pic iv in my arm. Left on a Friday, and went back to the hospital on a Tuesday. I was sick the whole weekend. The pain I felt for a short period of time felt worse than the beginning. I had to stay another week in the hospital. I thought I was going to be in the hospital for my birthday. My mom made sure of that. She huffed, she puffed, and she blew the hospital down. I was home for my birthday. My twin sister Wynter Aiken is the day before mine. I was able to celebrate her birthday but not mine. I was too sick to eat my favorite, ice cream cake. 

My recovery was the worse recovery process ever. During the summer, I didn't know how to feel. I was afraid to eat, I barely slept, I had no appetite. I had good and bad days. I had more bad than good. I fell into a depression for months. I even questioned God as to me I was like this or why did this happen to me. Why choose me for this pain and suffering? Was it a test? If I had any good day was in the spare of the moment. If I felt good to go out, then I would. It was only last an hour. My favorite thing to do is going to the movies, out to eat and shopping. I could barely do either one of those things.I was able to go to the beach over the summer. Another favorite thing to do to just sit with toes in the sand. 

My mom and sister would try to make feel better. We would do movie nights {every night}. Eat favorite foods and ice cream, but I was too afraid. I wasn't feeling that well to try. I would just drink yogurt to curve the hunger. It felt safe without causing stomach discomfort. 

As months have gone by, I was still not feeling well. The recovery didn't go as planned, so I had to have another surgery. My third surgery was back in September. I had to come to terms and make the most life-changing decision in my life. I had decided to have the ostomy bag (ileostomy surgery). I thought this change would do me good. All my pain and discomfort would come to an end. I thought I would start feeling better and to start getting my life back to somewhat normal. Well, that plan was shot to hell. I am back to not feeling myself again. I am feeling depressed again. I started reading inspirational books to motivate me. I am not sure what's in store for me, but my journey continues.

Part 2 coming soon

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