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The Genocide of the Amhara People of Ethiopia needs to end.

Genocide of black lives has occurred numerous times across the world, on a daily. In Ethiopia, it's occurring now. There was an genocidal attack on the Amhara ethnic group on November 1st. 54 women, men and children's lives were lost to the suspected members of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) armed group. The Amhara people have suffered endlessly and the question is, when will the brutalization and murder of black people across the world end?

The attack was in Gawa Qanqa village in the Guliso District because Ethiopian Defense Troops suddenly withdrew from the West Wellega Zone.

A village destroyed, lives lost and set aflame.

Black Lives Matter, or atleast we're supposed to no matter where we are in the world. It's sad and depressing that our lives are destroyed in other parts of the world. When will black lives be loved in all aspects? All we want is to live. All Ethiopians want is to live as peacefully as they can without corruption and violence from government. Without fear. Things must change. Countries must change. Government must change. #IStandWithEthiopia #BlackLivesMatter #AmharaGenocide

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