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Team Work

Good evening family and friends. Thank you for your prayers! Unfortunately, I am having another setback. While I was at the hospital yesterday, the test results confirmed what we thought which wasn't good news. It is what it is. I will continue to fight to get better. As I was laying there, I came to realize that I cannot let my health stop me from the goals that I am trying to achieve in starting a new business adventure. I was using my health as an excuse not to do things. I was told I have a lot to give and to offer and I am not giving up the fight just yet. I have a team of supporters that count on me. I will continue to inspire others who feel that they can't, but I am here to prove that you can.

I learned an important lesson this week that teamwork is a true definition of the word. When you trying to achieve certain goals especially starting a business, the choices that you make affect the business as a whole. You need key players to help it become successful. You have to compromise, be open-minded, be selflessness and listening are the major keys to any healthy relationship.

My conclusion is Team Work.

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