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Sharnel Williams-"I want all Black Women to WIN!"

Shar-Shey Publishing is a powerhouse all on its own since being founded and created by author, writer and business owner Sharnel Williams. Having been in the writing industry for years, Sharnel has established her name and brand to the highest degree, staying booked, highly requested requested, and busy. If you're a new writer on the block, Shar-Shey Publishing will set you straight for growth and success.

How did you become an author and writer? Many have had personal instances bring them to this point, what brought you to become the writer you are today?

My son passed away from Leukemia in 2005. The same day after his funeral, his nurse came up to me and spoke these words. “You should turn your son’s story into a book, to help every mother that is going or went through the same as you”. I had to think and do some research on how to get started. Then it came to me through my novel- my title, “What Do A Mother Do? The Shakil Williams Story.”

What was the Inspiration Behind your first Novel "I'm Black, He's White"?

My first novel was “I’m Black, He’s White”, by the way, it’s a 2-part series. I am being honest, moving to P.A, I had seen so many interracial couples and that was new to me coming from Newark, N.J. So, I decided to write a book about it.

When you hear about Author Sharnel Williams, you automatically think about the success of her powerful and unique tribe of Anthologies, a storm of writers and authors from many walks of life. All her anthologies tell a special story, each filled with words that hold different meanings to many who read them. Anthologies are Sharnel Williams gold and she happily shares it with her continuously growing audience.

Why and how did you start your anthologies? What's the inspiration behind the various topics that you have chosen thus far?

I wanted to give first time writers a taste of being an author with a short story, instead of writing a whole novel.

Is there a personal connection to your life when choosing the topics to do the anthologies on, such as the "Rebuilding Your Life Going Forward" anthology?

Two books were personal ‘Rebuilding Your Life’, was based on losing my son to cancer and it was time to move on from the pain. “3 Ingredients You Must Have in Life Live, Laughter, and Love” this book was based on us as women nurturing and saying No. That it is okay to say No, sometimes.

What is some advice you would give to other writers who look to you as a role model for writing anthologies?

You need a team; you can trust, you cannot do this alone. A contract is the key, make sure you read everything even the smallest sentences, if you don’t under ask questions. As an Author you are taking the same steps as being an entrepreneur. Just make sure you get an editor and go over your work after the editor edit it.

How did you start Shar-Shey Publishing? What's the story behind the name? Explain how the company came to be and how it has grown over the years.

I have a show called “Let’s Talk Too.” I had several of different authors on. A couple of them suggested that I should start my own company. Again, I did my research, I keep bringing up the word research because that is so important. Then I had to come up with a logo and a name of the company which is now Shar-Shey Publishing Company. I wanted a name that means something special and my vision that would last a long time. A lot of people do not know this unless they read my book or went on my website. I named my company after the kids I lost. I had a still born in 1992. I named her Varshey and my son’s named Shakil, I put both names together and came up with Shar-Shey.

Explain the growth and success behind your powerful Women's Empowerment Luncheons. How and why did you start these Luncheons?

This is my baby….. this is funny, I posted on my timeline if there was anyone looking for speakers at their conference, and then I knew it was my time to tell my story. I received messages, telling me to start my own and invite women to speak at my event. I did my research. I started “You Are Not Alone Women Empowerment Luncheon” several years ago.

Your luncheons showcase woman empowerment and togetherness as a community, what's your personal view on Women Empowerment?

I just wanted to bring women together to inspire one another. No matter what color you are and what you are going through. In reality we do Run the World.

What is the message that you stand for as other black women look to you for guidance and inspiration?

I will never take this for granted. I never dreamed of being an author or entrepreneur. I love helping people, I was helped. I want everyone black women to WIN.

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