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Proud of My Inner Peace. Finally.

These past few months, living in a pandemic filled world and with so many lives being lost, it has taught me to be more self-conscious of my decisions. Be more self-aware of what I am doing with my life and time because it can very much be short-lived as sad as it is. I am coming into my own, creating and loving in different aspects of hidden talents that I didn't know I possessed and I can say I am immensely proud. Proud of myself for reaching beyond simple comforts and mainly seeing people for who they really are and for who I really am.

The past few months, I'm everyone has had time to self-reflect, same as me. I looked deeper inside and instead of co-existing within myself, I can proudly say it has all come together peacefully. Like a flower blossoming on a cold night, the cold no longer stopping the petals from stretching beyond.

My inner peace is finally here. I've let go of a lot of pain, intolerance, stress, hate and grief. I can finally say goodbye to the things and people who don't wish or need to be apart of my life. Their loss, not mine and I'm not ashamed to admit at one point, I'd wished they'd stayed. I wish them nothing but blessings and happiness. It feels strange and new and yet feels as though this moment has been waiting for me for a long time. I've completed things I've put off for so long all because I felt trapped in the deepest parts of my self-worthlessness and now that I've arrived to this point, I'm happy. Happy to continue making progress in the things that bring me joy, like writing in this very space. Happy to make lifelong plans that will not hinder but bring me much more happiness and joy that is overflowing and can't be contained-whether alone or together with someone else.

Proud of my inner peace, it's been long overdue.

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