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Poetry from the Empowered-Coco The Poet

Coco's poetry has hit the shelves and people's hearts! SHE SHARES WITH READERS WHO SHE IS- COCO THE POET.

Keisha Molby-Baez known in the writing scene as Coco, has established herself in ways unimaginable for most. With fundraisers, raffles, and showcases of poetry in hit New York cafes and sceneries, Coco has made her name shine in all aspects of creative life.

Coco is the name that everyone calls you but who is Coco as poet and writer?

Keisha as a poet is known as Coco. I unconditionally support other poets, authors and writers. I am also known as an author, a woman who writes empowering poetry about her life. Each poem tells a story about survival and perseverance. They all provide a moral and life lesson. I am the author of “Tears laced with Fire” which is my first poetry book, that tells my story about why my tears were laced with fire and how the tears helped me to survive. Each poem is filled with pain I've overcome, my deep thoughts, inner feelings and perceptions. My poems express how I faced many life changing obstacles and health issues that would have broken me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I explain how my passion for writing kept me motivated and filled with gratitude.

How have you excelled as a writer in your long career? How has it been beneficial to you as you seek out new paths-creative wise?

Keisha as a writer is vulnerable, determined, straightforward, and deeply passionate. I write with conviction baring my soul, showing how I’ve continuously turned my pain into purpose. As a writer I started a new project last year titled “A Collection of Connections and Collaborations”. This is a project that I started to make deep connections with fellow writers around the globe and in the community, showing how our works collaborate beautifully with each other. I create all the writing prompts and choose all the writers that will be in collaboration with each other. This collection I will be compiling into an Anthology.

Coco shares more about her poetry-her second poetry book

"A Little Bit of Sugar"

“A little bit of Sugar” is my second poetry book and this collection speaks about my growth, both in myself and writing. It speaks about appreciation that leads to elevation and necessary growth. We all need to appreciate the simple things in life and all the bits of sugar too. This book speaks about all the bits of sugar in my life despite all the pain and trials. I show how I managed my emotional and physical pain, while still being filled with gratitude. A book about my self-care and self-love journey. This book helped me to grow as a person, causing me to reflect on a lot. It helped me change perspective, be more mindful, take nothing personal, take healthy breaks, promote as I see fit and not as I’m advised, and to be open to constructive criticism, but doing what makes me happy. Most of the challenges I’ve experienced and shared in this book are about my health and life changes. It really takes mastering mind over matter to cope. I learned how to turn my pain into purpose. I’m a true soldier and survivor!

The entrepreneurship life isn't easy. Has it's highs and lows but Molby-Baez has made the best of it especially with her continuously thriving business and brand "Coco's Delight". An empowering brand that gives back to communities with packages that are given with love.

Where did the name of "Coco's Delight" come from?

I created the brand Coco’s Delight and the brand name came from both my poet name and people telling me I’m a true delight. My brand exemplifies who I am, my life’s experiences and all the positivity I put out into the world. The quotes on each of my brand items are written by yours truly and published in my poetry books. Coco’s Delight is a line of comforting and empowering products. My line consists of pillows, journals, pens, t-shirts, mugs, caps, tote bags, clutches, accessory bags, and sweaters. A few more items will be added to the collection for the New Year. My line is affordable and offers many discounted packages.

Why did you start "Coco's delight"? What's the story behind the brand?

I started the Coco’s Delight Care Package Initiative in April of 2018 and it was to give back to the community and those who needed a little pick me up, a little inspiration, some comfort, empowerment, love, care and assistance. When COVID started, I decided to add care packages of gratitude for the front liners. I donated hundreds of care packages to the community and hospitals. When I wasn’t able to work due to COVID, I found it difficult to balance my bills and continue to send out care packages. This was all coming out of my pocket.

Did you have any help getting the brand up and running especially when not able?

A dear friend, Elisabet Velasquez, advised I create a donation link because she appreciated what I did for the community and wanted me to continue it.

Keisha Molby-Baez shares with readers a more inside look into the workings of her brand "Coco's Delight".

When you were ill, how did you keep "Coco's Delight" flourishing, especially with the pandemic?

I decided to create a paypal and cash app link for people to make donations. She also advised me to post and share about what I do, so people can be aware and hopefully support more. I decided to create a second instagram and Facebook for this purpose and to support my brand as well. My cash app is $KeishaMolbyBaez and my PayPal is People made videos, sent emails and posted their gratitude for my Care Package Initiatives.

How did you feel about your customers giving you that kind of support, helping you by helping others when in hard times?

This is what makes me happy; seeing others happy. I give unconditionally because I know what it is to be without and how it feels to have to ask. It’s always lovely to offer and give with a pure heart. The ultimate heart warming part of my initiative is knowing I am making a difference in someone's life every day. I have hope that more people will make more donations to support this great cause.

Do you ever feel discouraged when running the business, particularly since no one sees an ending soon for the pandemic?

I’ve always seen things in life possible, as long as I remained filled with faith, determination and gratitude. My first step was to be patient, second was to pray about everything, third was to plan, fourth was to not expect, fifth was to promote, sixth was to follow up, and seventh was to thank God everyday I wake up to continue doing and being. Giving back is one of the most rewarding and amazing feelings.

How do you stay motivated and give encouragement during these hard times? What motivates you despite obstacles and unexpected events?

As a young woman to veteran, veteran to mother, mother to wife, wife to writer, writer to author, author to community activist, community activist to coordinator, coordinator to motivational speaker, and motivational speaker to entrepreneur. I speak volumes of how the impossible is absolutely possible. Dreams and hopes do come true! I speak about a journey that is full of truth and survival, from heart aches, set backs, tribulations, betrayal, let downs, disappointments, excruciating pain and many struggles with health issues. I am a story that was waiting to be told, a miracle of God and proud to be who I am.

"Coco's Delight" is more than just a brand, it's an umbrella of unity, of togetherness, empowerment, encouragement and appreciation of each other's arts and talents in order to gain exposure! Coco prides herself in helping other artists of various backgrounds collaborate in ways that may not be possible before. She welcomes all with open arms and pushes for artists to sell, promote and be proud of what they do.

What are the "Coco's Delight" events? What is the backstory on the expansion of this part of your brand?

The Coco’s Delight events are where I featured a collaboration of artists shining on one stage together. I would research, interview and then book the artists to perform. My events all had different topics of interest and importance. Some of them were cancer, suicide, love, mental illness, passed away loved ones and for appreciation.

What do artists come away with when attending your events?

All artists have the opportunity to promote their craft, sell their books and products. Most of all, artists were rewarded with a monetary and Coco’s Delight gift. I also hosted a Raffle of Gratitude at each event, to give back to all who came out to support the artists and my events. I started this raffle when I was in high school and still continue it today. This also came out of my pocket and was a great way to pay it forward in the community. It was like early Xmas at each of my events and writing workshops. Another special thing about my events is that it was free and offered no limits in the amount of time to perform. Everyone was offered the opportunity to do up to three pieces depending on how many signed up or booked to perform. This also opened the door to more exposure of my brand, products and poetry books. I am filled with so much gratitude!

To become a writer is to have confidence in not only your craft, but to have confidence in what you put out into the world. Keisha, being a veteran, writer and author herself, knows just how to not let her crown of confidence shift no matter what!

How did you get started in the writing industry? Was it always a passion for you such as being an avid writer during adolescent years, taking creative writing classes or perhaps personal experiences caused you to become a writer?

I got started in the writing industry by attending workshops, open mics and poetry events. I met amazing people and supporters, who saw my inner and outer light. My spirit spoke to them and I pushed myself day and night to write and publish my poetry books, establishing a name in the writing community. A name that represented kindness and real support. I supported everyone, even the haters and negative ones! I believe the world has no bad people, only people who make some really bad choices that cause terrible consequences. Many made bad choices to betray me, take advantage of my kindness and try to block my blessings. As you can see, I’m achieving, establishing, supporting others and being blessed. At the end of the day, it’s their loss and karma.

Shedding a tear when dealing with the challenges that life brings can be a comfort. Letting tears of pain and sorrow go can be a good way to heal. Molby-Baez's best seller "Tears Laced With Fire" is her own journey of shedding away pain and loss and moving forward with strength and support from loved ones. Coco shares the story of how her novel can help in the darkest of life's moments.

Your first collection of poems, "Tears Laced With Fire" is one of your best sellers, what is the story and message behind it?

The story behind my first poetry book “Tears laced with Fire” is truth, endurance, family, struggle, strength, relentlessness, passion, empowerment and survival. This book tells stories about how my tears were laced with fire and how they helped me in life.

How has the message of the novel transcended to your audiences on a larger scale?

The message behind this book is to be vulnerable while sharing the good and bad. It helps others through their own experiences and most of the time feel better knowing they aren’t alone. I used poems to show my readers how I started to turn my pain into purpose. My message has transcended to my audience on a larger scale by people reaching out to tell me how my words, poems, stories, events and open mics helped them to admit and share their truth and pain. It has also helped others to do what many told them they couldn’t. My message helps keep poetry alive in the community and around the globe. It offers hope, shows faith, and spreads love. My message is medicine for the body, mind and soul.

What is it about poetry that makes you who you are today?

Poetry makes me who I am today because it's my lifeline, my rejuvenation, my peace, my religion and belief; that what you put out into the world will come back to you. Poetry is life, my way of survival and strength.

When poets hit the stage, they're opening their hearts to audiences, sharing their deepest thoughts, experiences, emotions and secrets in the form of spoken word. For Coco, open mics are about connecting with the people, letting them feel what she feels and gain inspiration.

Where have you performed your spoken word?

I performed at many great venues and open mics such as The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Bronx Book Fair, The NYC Poetry Festival, The Smokin Word, South of France, Poetz Realm, The Inspired Word, Great Weather for Media, Parkside Lounge, The Stage Box, The Peace Cafe, West End, The Brooklyn Book Festival Bookends, LDM Show, Letras, Women Writer’s Bloom Poetry Salon, La Esquina, Souletri, Woodhull Hospital, Barnes & Noble, Capicu, Green Earth Poets Cafe and Poets Unplugged. I’m filled with gratitude for being able to share my life’s journey and craft at all these dope venues and open mics.

How did you get audiences to be more participative with your open mic performance?

I’ve had my audience choose what I perform at times, as there are many favorites in my poetry books. People have inboxed requests and I’ve accepted because it makes them happy and feel connected on a larger scale.

How would you describe your overall experiences and how has it made you grow as a poet?

My experiences with my audiences have been life changing and deeply rewarding. We cried together, we laughed, we remained silent, we had private conversations, sometimes we went out after for further discussions and shared our personal experiences in detail; making deeper connections. My audience was always positive and very supportive. They loved and appreciated my poems and thoughts. Connecting on a deeper level with my audiences helped me to grow and develop as a poet and writer. The connections and collaborations were so REAL and REWARDING!

What are some of the challenges and achievements that you've had when it comes to being a chef? What is special and unique about "Coco's Dishes"?

Some challenges I experienced being a chef was time with my family, learning all the ingredients for each dish, managing my pain and illnesses to perform and cater; while training others to do the same.

What about being a chef is rewarding, especially when customers love your dishes?

I remember leaving an event in an ambulance and later that evening coming back to finish the wedding dinner and dessert after being injected with muscle relaxants to help ease the spasms, yet causing me to swell in my face. Thank goodness the cook is never on the main floor and behind the scenes. The bride, groom and their families were beyond filled with gratitude and loved the presentation and taste of my dish. The bride and groom became close family friends. They both said to me that night I was one of the strongest and most caring people they knew in their life. This was one of the most emotional and life changing moments for me. Some of my achievements as a chef were awarded while in the military and after having my second child. I was awarded and recognized by Senator Rev. Reuben Diaz Sr., Assemblyman Marcos Crespo and Assemblyman Peter Rivera. The most unique thing about my Coco’s Delight dishes is that each dish is colorful, tasteful and made with all my love and a prayer.

The Mind Over Matter workshops are a safe space that Coco created for people to come network, be artistically expressive and connect with those that enjoy her products and services!

For readers that would want to attend your Mind Over Matter Workshops, how would they be able to connect with you? What does the Mind Over Matter workshops entail? Please give readers info on the workshops!

For people who want to connect, support my brand & products, make a donation or be a part of my upcoming events, workshops and projects feel free to follow me and send messages to me on Instagram @cocosdelight_1111, on Facebook at Coco’s Delight and on my website at I will be updating my website with a lot of information this upcoming year since I’ve recently moved for the betterment of my health and will be gradually getting back into many things I was previously doing. My near future plans are to start facilitating my writing workshops and curating my open mics once again, but on Zoom due to COVID risks. Information about the return of my writing collaboration for my upcoming Anthology will be announced on my social media pages this New Year. Please keep an eye out for this opportunity to connect, collaborate and share your work. This upcoming New Year is going to be amazing for Coco’s Delight, as I elevate to the next level while starting back what you all once loved, appreciated and continue to inquire about


It's important, when being in this industry, to make long-lasting connections with people. Create unity and sister/brother hoods. For Coco, having a sisterhood and empowering women from all walks of life is what has given her the power to inspire and influence others. She empowers to be better, greater and stronger than ever before. "Celebrate your craft and grow as you evolve as an artist."

What does Women Empowerment mean to you?

Women Empowerment to me means if I make it, we all can make it! It means if I know a way, so will you! It means we are in this together! It means it’s my duty to share all my difficult choices, experiences and journeys that lead to growth. It means sharing my lessons and accomplishments, showing anything is possible. Women’s Empowerment is leaving no young girl behind and offering each one the same opportunity to aspire, grow and develop into who she desires to be. Women’s Empowerment is showing fear is an illusion, failure is a stepping stone and all relationships need support and care. Women’s Empowerment is teaching young women to invest in themselves and to put themselves at the top of their to do list every day.

You are a motivational speaker and have even created "Coco's Thought's" where you share messages to your followers in encouragement and strength, what does it mean to you to share these kinds of messages?

I created Coco’s Thoughts to share with my readers inspirational words and messages filled with faith, hope and love. These thoughts are there to help people along their journey. It’s meant to offer empowerment, guidance, inspiration, and strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sharing Coco’s Thoughts makes my heart smile seeing how many respond and reflect on them. It’s so rewarding to see how sharing them does exactly what I hoped, to help and heal. I didn’t have someone growing up to share these kinds of things with me and be able to connect with me in the physical form; only books of philosophers and inspirational writers who have passed away and their words remain a support system for me to balance my mental stability. I decided I wanted to be the same for others with hopes that one day I will too be another's favorite author and inspirational writer. I created an outlet to reflect, refresh and rejuvenate one’s mind.

Where do you see your overall brand in the next few years? You've built it from the ground up and have added many elements of yourself into the brand, how can you elevate it even more, to more success than it already has?

I see Coco’s Delight in a couple years established into a small store and community center. I see an upgraded website where all my products are available at the click of a link and available with affordable shipping. I also see my brand’s products of comfort and empowerment expanding. I’ve built Coco’s Delight from the ground up adding many elements of myself into my brand and finding ways to elevate it to the next level. Promoting more diligently, being a vendor at more events, updating my website frequently, starting a blog and twittering about my brand, books and life journey. It’s been a dream of mine to meet Oprah. I have faith and know I’m getting closer and closer. I’ve met many famous artists throughout my life especially when I worked at The Apollo Theatre. I recently met Mikki Taylor at a vendor event for empowerment in New Jersey and it was absolutely life changing. Her words of encouragement in her book helped me to change perspective on things I was dealing with.

What advice or message do you carry with you daily? Being a busy person can sometimes feel like a burden or overload, what message do you live by that helps you?

My first message is the first quote I wrote “Wherever you go, whoever you meet, whatever you do, give support and have gratitude. The best imprint you can leave on someone’s life is your love”. My second message is another quote I wrote “Have courage in one another, to take a chance and share your voice to make a change”. My third message is another quote I wrote “Revolution exists behind every leader and being passionate about everything is one’s best point of entry treatment for success”. My fourth message is a quote by my mother “Don’t give up on those you love”.

What about a message for those struggling in present time?

A quote by my father “Have only one face in life and do good to all. This way you never have to keep looking over your shoulder and remember the different faces and people you showed them to.” My sixth message is that "failure is the biggest stepping stone to achievements, leading to success." My seventh and last message is to manifest your thoughts, visions, goals and dream. Writing them down with a date, checking them off and adding a new one at the same time is setting yourself up for success.

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