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No justice, No peace.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

History has shown a consistent pattern in Americans' dismissive attitude of black lives. Those who killed Breonna Taylor: Johnathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove will not be charged with her murder. 

You may have heard the phrases "All Cops Are Bad" and "Defund The Police" and in return, gotten offended or even outraged because someone you know personally is a police officer. You may be the child of one, or simply a relative of one or you could easily be one yourself. Whatever the circumstance is - that is proof that not all cops are bad. Correct? Not so much.

Cops have shown a consistent and deadly aim towards black people since the beginning of time. They never have, and I mean never, have demonstrated concern for black lives.

Some police officers do their job correctly and won't take advantage of their power; kudos to them for doing what they are supposed to do. What we citizens and tax payers expect them to do.

All need to be held accountable, good and bad. No its or buts about it.

What do you think they tell their openly racist coworkers when they off duty? Oh wait - don't want to lose the job, amirite! There is no denying the track record. Choosing to be apart of a corrupt system makes you equally part of the problem even if you claim to be a "good cop". You aren't signing up to radically change anything pertaining to laws and reform; what good are you doing?

The 12 million dollar civil suit that Breonna Taylor's family received had alleged reforms included. Those police reforms will not be activated. I guarantee it.

There are not as many "good" police officers as there are KKK members on duty. I don’t care if Billy Bob is "a good guy just doing his job".

We shouldn't be scared everytime we walk past an officer. We shouldn't be nervous or anxious of driving past a police car while on the highway or driving down the street.

I shouldn't feel anxious when walking past two officers while taking a stroll in the park with my mom and sister.

How can all lives matter when we don't matter.

End of story.


It's September 30th, first night of the Presidential Debates have passed and we as a country is a complete embarrassment. Highlight of the night was the fact that Trump couldn't denounce far right supremacist group Proud Boys. Spoke about race and all he could say was "Law and Order". Not announce a plan for reform or a plan for justice on the killings of black lives. Nothing. Lord only knows the foolishness that he will say in the next two debates.

If this didn't give you a clear answer, a clue on why we need to vote, I don't know what can.


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