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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

The Spoken Word, Dedication, and Endless Power of Self-Growth and Establishment.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha has planted her poetry into the competitive soil of the literary World.

From Nigeria, Ngozi Olivia Osuoha has written many novels of poetry, planting her blooming career of writing into thousands of bookstores and has featured in various online publications. She is a powerhouse of stories that literally reaches across the world, touching different walks of life. She's been in the business for a long time and has no intentions of slowing down.

Who exactly is Ngozi Olivia Osuoha, writer, scholar, entrepreneur, poet, hymnist, and anthologist?

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a native of Nkwerre, in Nkwerre L.G.A. of Imo State, Nigeria. I am the fourth child out the six children, and the second daughter of my parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Osuoha (retired teachers). I was born and bred in Nkwerre, my hometown. I am a village girl. I am a poet, a writer, a hymnist, a tailor, an anthologist, and more, as life happens and unfolds.

You are a known, world-renowned, award-winning poet. What was your first piece of poetry you ever published?

I don’t know how known I am, and how renowned I may be. I know I have won awards, including some dollars, no matter how small. My first piece of poetry that was published was entitled ‘’KINSMEN’’ A long piece, but published first in half by KWEE MAGAZINE, LIBERIA. It is a piece about kinsmen, brotherhood, clanship, kingdom, communal relationship, and different forms of human relationship in Africa and outside Africa.

Ngozi's writing is set in stone, being placed on a pedestal that is unique and all her. Her words, her stories in stanza's are universal and when you read Ngozi's poetry, you are carried to places you didn't know existed.

Many countries have published your work, have they been translated into other languages?

Some of my poems have been translated and published into different foreign languages like Arabic, Spanish, Polish, Macedonian, Scots, Hindi, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Chinese, Farsi, Khloe, Assamese, among others.

Black women being able to come together and celebrate each other's achievements and success is rewarding when being a writer in this competitive industry. We as black writers are here to empower others, to chase their dreams and achieve their goals. Ngozi does just that with the power and influence of her written works!

You have empowered many women across the world with your poetry, but what does it mean to you as you travel and share your spoken word with others?

Yes, I have imparted many through my poetry, but I am yet to start. Black women empowerment to me, is allowing the black woman to rise, to thrive in a favourable environment. Helping and supporting the girl, the lady, the woman and the female folk entirely to grow and better themselves as well as the society. Making sure women are not left out in education, good politics, discovery, lawmaking, society, and other facets that build the human race. Not intimidating women or keeping them in bondage culturally, religiously and or otherwise.

Poetry is a Story in Itself!

When Ngozi writes a piece of poetry, she does it with the intention to share deep emotions, a story and or message that touches souls.

What is the story/message behind your poetry piece "The Girl Child II"?

The story/message behind my poetry piece ‘’THE GIRL CHILD II’’ is very simple. Protect the girl child. Build her up and guide her. Cherish and make her feel secure. Support her vision, harness her talents, while making the environment conducive for her. Do not exploit, humiliate nor violate her because she is not a witch or a sex object. She has rights and her beauty deserves to be showcased. Give her justice, hope and peace. Let her thrive and change the world. She could be an angel if treated heavenly.

What is the story/message behind your poetry piece "The Stinging Scorpion"?

The story/message behind my poetry piece ‘’THE STINGING SCORPION’’ is nothing but wickedness in the high and low places, bad politics, bad governance, inhumane acts of power, quest for money, lust, humiliation of tongues and tribes, causing wars, selfishness, induced-poverty, hate, racism, terrorism, greed, injustice, war, high rate of crime, deceit, distrust, betrayal, suppression, oppression, and the likes.

What do you think of your personal artistry? You have captivated readers and gained thousands of supporters, but what do you think of all of your achievements?

I don’t think I have achieved much. All the same, glory be to God for what I have achieved so far. My personal artistry is natural, it is real, raw, loud and divine. However, it is burdensome because you can’t run away from it. There are times you want to rest, but the call would ring, loud and disturbing, so irresistible and irritating. Except you answer, no peace, no joy, no happiness. I am not doing it to impress anybody, rather it is a forceful calling and order and instruction. Not doing it brings restlessness. It is a duty unto the author of life, the Creator, God, man, society and oneself. I write to see a better world, a green future, hopeful environment, free and fair humanity.

Home is where the Support for Growth is

To grow in your passion, most times that growth starts at home. For Ngozi with the love and support from her parents Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Osuoha (retired teachers), and her siblings, Ngozi's passion and career of writing has no bounds.

What are your three favorite poetry pieces to date, ones that have stayed with you as you write and publish more books? Please name them and tell the story behind them.

I love all my works. They all stay with me even when I am neither writing nor publishing, because they are the reality of life. But my three most favorite, I would say are, one old, and two new. As follows:


Especially to my parents, who are retired teachers and senior citizens. And to all my primary and secondary school teachers, wherever they are. May those who have died, find peaceful rest. I appreciate them all, and will forever cherish and adore them.


One of my recent, typical of me and any other African girl.


Recent. To every black child around the world. It criticizes racism, hate, prejudice, racial profiling, discrimination, segregation and colour-based violence and injustice. It tells the black child to subdue the ugliness of the world.

Life gives you many obstacles and challenges, but as long as you push through and continue in your passions and goals, it makes life a bit sweeter. As her writing becomes more globally recognized, Ngozi will continue to inspire people to not give up on their dreams-because anything is possible.

Where do you see yourself in five to ten years? How do you think your growth and self-establishment will be by then as not only a writer but overall brand as well?

Humanly, I see or hope for a pleasant tomorrow, a beautiful future, but I am not God. Man proposes, God disposes. In writing, career, job, marriage, and other adventures, I can only pray and hope for the best. It is my wish, my utmost wish and prayer to succeed and fly higher especially with self-discovery in God’s plan. I can quote unthinkable plan, effort and zeal, for the next five to ten years, but it is only the Supreme Being, that can make them bear fruit. He can water our minds to fertilize even the seeds we haven’t planted. Because he alone orders the universe.

You've ventured into other creative outlets besides writing-being a hymnist. Have your skills grown in that as well?

Yes, it has been. I was born and bred in the Anglican Communion, and you know we are the hymning church of God. We sang hymns in school, mostly in my secondary school years. It’s our prayer, our worship, our praise, our meditation, our communion, our lifestyle, our essence. We sleep with hymns on our lips, and we wake up with hymns, even strange and new ones. You can find out. Hymns awaken and reawakens everything in us, except you are not an Anglican.

Anthology Upon Anthology

I have featured in so many anthologies, I can remember one hundred and ten as at the time of filing this interview. Over ninety five percent were outside Nigeria. I gave many pieces, from one to thirteen poems per anthology is what I can recall. ‘’SAVE AFRICA’’ is the anthology that has my highest pieces so far, with thirteen poems from me. Poets and writers from South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, and Kenya contributed their works. It was done by a US Poet, Dave Gretch. All the same, let me mention most of the anthologies I have featured in.

Publications that have featured Ngozi Olivia Osuoha's literary works!

Messages to the world

Things that go bump at night

Arabic anthology

Contemporary world English poets

The year of the poet VI (2019)

The year of the poet VIII (2021)

Harbinger asylum winter 2020 edition (special JFK Issue)

Save Africa

Feminists voices 1

Feminists voices 2

The Literary Parrot 1


Dreich Season 7, volume 2.

The Silk Road literature anthology (Ancient Egyptians, Modern Poets)

River Willow

Poets Are Heroes

Litterateur June edition 11

Litterateur July edition 12

Reflectoum edition 14

GloMag February 2020

GloMag August 2020

GloMag February 2021

GloMag August 2021

Whispers of soflay vol 3

Metafora Wsplezesnosci (polish)

Raindrops of Love

Peace lover

Untamed Thrills and shrills


A woman of essence

Tenuous breaths of girls

Tribute to Kofi Annan

Campionatul Modial De Poezie (Romania)

Florets of fancy

The vase

Anthology of the world poetry championship

World of women

Traumas of widows

Complexion based discrimination

Divine poetic thoughts for Jesus the Christ

The Global Litterati Insights

Voices of humanity

Pieces of a broken heart

Ripples of peace

Women Poets 2 (within and beyond shores)

Women poets 3 (within and beyond shores)

Medley of melodies

Family, eternal treasures

Reminiscing earth

Persian sugar in English tea 1

Persian sugar in English tea 3

Love Postcards

The global literati insights vol 1, issue 1,

Tranquil muse

Symphony of peace

Burning desire

Only you

Dedicated to daddy

Versatile verse

Holistic healings of widows

Leaves of the poetree

The fragrance of love

Loops of hope

Briggete Porson Poetry contest

Rock pebbles journal 3 times

Rock pebbles anthology 2021

Tried, tested and true poets

The heart of Joey, Joey Manning and friends

Satin silk You

Our poetry archive July, 2018

Our poetry archive

Why poetry matters

Inspired Magazine (vol six, 2021)

Better than Starbucks (March 2020)

Better than Starbucks (September/October 2019)

Better than Starbucks (November 2019)

What lies on the other side (cc & d)

Coiled cobra

Among the debris

The Garden of Eden (cc & d)

We are Revolution

Best New African Poets Anthology 2019


Cobpemehoct (Macedonian)

Stairways to heaven

Heart of lightness

Inked poetry

Poetic Christmas

I am a woman


The poet in me

Dis-Grace Land

Imagery of place

Art house

The harmony

Summer rain

Giggling pen

And much more!

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha has made a significant impact on not only those who share, feature and read her literary works and poetry, but when at home in Nigeria, the impact she has on her community will transcend time, making her an ideal role model that young people can look up to.

What other literary works have you participated in besides anthologies and your own poetry?

Aside from these anthologies, I have published more than three hundred pieces in more than forty countries and still counting. And I have authored and published twenty- three poetry books in Kenya, Philippines, Canada, US, UK, Zimbabwe, and more manuscripts with published. Some of my books are archived in the US Library of Congress, including some anthologies I featured in too, and some other foreign libraries and universities.

How have you personally impacted your Nigerian community?

I have been doing my little bit. Individuals who come across my works get entertained, educated, inspired, relieved, and so on. My latest published book ‘’DEAR NKWERRE’’ was written for my hometown.

What can your poetry in particular bring to your community of Nigeria?

A piece of prayer, plea, persuasion, reminder, summon, wish, warning, meditation, submission, on peace, unity, brotherhood, oneness, love, progress, and everything sound and unique especially when it was needed most. It melted hearts, still melts, and yet to melt. Same way my prayer for Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

How do you think your story/journey has inspired other young girls and women to follow in your footsteps?

I know some girls, ladies, and women who have approached me to enquire how they could become published. I encouraged them to carry on strong. Some even wanted to sell their manuscripts, but I discouraged them, using myself as an example. Today, they are doing well. We all are gradually growing together. We may not be rich, but riches aren’t all about money. Some of these people also venture into other things and they grow. Me too.

What about young men and even older generations?

I know some young men too, who I have linked up with some publishers and publications, and a bit of their dreams came to life. From there, they may advance in whatever they can, God willing. However, there are some who are far away, who can’t reach me or those who pretend not to see me, but they have learned some things from me. My mission and essence have influenced them or some to learn, relearn, unlearn and so on. Some have been inspired by my works to dream anew, again, and activate and reactivate their dormant talents and gifts. There are also people who don’t know me who read me or come across my works and feel proud, honoured, dignified, and uplifted no matter how small the hammer hits the nail.

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