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LaQueisha Malone-A Lit Brand & Business

LaQueisha Malone is a black woman, author, writer, publisher, and entrepreneur, who like many started their craft with a drive and grace that would one day get her to high places. Years later, Malone is an multi-award winning household name with an ever growing literary empire.

Her beginnings into the business had it's high and lows but she overcame and conquered. Malone's work in the literary world speaks for itself, and it's expanding everyday.

How did you become an author? Was it something you've always wanted to do or did the idea of being a writer just come to you randomly? Talk about the process in which you entered the writing industry.

I have been writing since before I could remember. I always had pen and paper in my hand. In 2008, I decided to publish my first book. I had my mom and a friend of mine tell me I should publish a book and my writing could help other people. So I began to research how to publish a book and viola “A New Pair of Shoes Step In Mine” was birthed.

What advice would you give young writers/entrepreneurs who want to take the path you now lead?

I would tell young writers to never give up, don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible, and every day find something that will bring you closer to your dreams. Research and study your craft.

You've written poetry so far, have you written any novels?

I haven’t written a stand-alone novel of my own, but outside of my poetry I’ve been featured in multiple anthologies. So, if I have to consider a writing piece as a novel I would say it’s the story I wrote in the anthology "Love, Marriage, & Divorce". I titled it “Unexpected Love Affair".

What was the inspiration behind the short story?

I wrote this story for women who were like me at that time, looking for love in all the wrong places. During that time, I had also experienced a miscarriage and I decided to include that into the story and all my emotions. I used it as therapy to help me deal with what I had experience.

How did you become an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur was definitely not what I expected. I started in 2008 as an author and then in 2013 I started my own publishing company. In 2016, I started Strawberry-Lit Magazine. I love the publishing business and I wanted to help people.

What is some advice you would give to others who want to be entrepreneurs but aren't sure how to proceed?

I would tell to never give up, don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible, and every day find something that will bring you closer to your dreams. Research and study your craft.

A magazine of one's own creation takes time, dedication and a drive for self made success. LaQueisha Malone's influence and presence in the literary world has been obtained by the growth and establishment of Strawberry Lit Magazine.

S.L.M has won numerous awards, has interviewed prominent figures in the literary community and has set it's own stage of black woman owned business and brand.

When and why did you start Strawberry-Lit Magazine? Did you work for another magazine and then started your own?

When I first started, I had grabbed the attention on Barnes & Nobles, but I was so new I couldn’t meet the demand. There weren’t many magazines covering authors and offering advice for authors at that time. I was already helping authors individually and I decided to use the magazine to help on a broader level.

What was your audiences response? Was it better than expected once you became fully established?

The response was slow for me because I had no idea what I was doing in marketing, but as the years have gone by the response has gotten much better than expected.

What's the easiest and hardest part about managing your own magazine? Is it overwhelming because everything is mainly planned by you or do you have a whole team that decides the creative process?

Running a magazine for me is rewarding at times and overwhelming. The easiest part for me is finding my authors. The hardest part is putting it all together, because sometimes I can’t get the creative side out the way I see it in my head. It is super overwhelming for me because I do everything myself. I am working on building a team to make it easier to get everything done.

For someone who wants to perhaps create their own magazine, what advice would you give?

For someone who is wanting to start their own magazine, I would say do your research be sure to stay true to your vision. Some people will tell you what they believe is best for your work but stay true to what is in your heart.

LaQueisha Malone has built her literary empire from the ground up. Strawberry Lit Magazine, along with the multiple anthologies and novels under her belt, has made her a black woman boss power force to be reckoned with! From best-selling magazine owner to writer and author, Malone's business ethic emphasizes that she shines in her own light.

Malone shares with readers the insides of her well-known novels and what it means to her to be a black woman entrepreneur in all literary excellence.

You have participated in many anthologies, many that have become best sellers, care to share with readers an inside look to some of those books?

"Sex, Lies, & Church" Anthology, I wrote a story based out of New York. It is a story I titled “Love Thy Neighbor” where two church family are rivals over a secret, but as the secrets get exposed, they have decided is it worth fight. This inspired by my fantasy of truly love.

"A Mother’s Day Nightmare" Anthology. This story I wrote for this anthology is about a mother who has to go against odd to find her son who has been missing for 18 years. This story was inspired by a movie I saw on TV.

"Secrets Amongst Friends". This story is soon to be released it is about two families where their teenagers, who raised with two different lives and struggles. It deals with peer pressure, acceptance and more. It was inspired by things that I saw going on around at the time I started writing it.

You're a best selling and award winning author who has many supporters, what is the message that you would share to those that look at what you've accomplished as guide and inspiration?

I can show my daughter that she can do anything she put her mind to. I stand for helping people follow their dreams. For so many people it seems impossible, and I want to make it possible.

What's In The Making for The Malone BUsiness and Brand?

Upcoming projects for me are definitely releasing a few books, as far as Strawberry-Lit Magazine I have a few issues coming out with a few great authors, starting an Online Book club, and starting up my coaching programs.

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