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Keith Thompson- The Man of Soulful House Music

RGP Muse Magazine had the honor of talking with writer, producer, and singer Keith Thompson. Keith Thompson whose been in the music scene since his debut back 1985, from being in hit group Raze to going solo, has not let go of his classic music touch, still producing and releasing new music!

RGP Muse Magazine spoke with Keith at the 90's Dance Concert at NJPAC.

RGP Muse: Mr. Thompson thank you so much for speaking with us!

KT: Thank you, thank you. Good to be here.

RGP Muse: Since you just performed, do you prefer when your audience is sitting or standing? When standing, aren't they more engaging?

KT: Well it's dance music so they want to jump around. It's not Anita Baker or Sade. There's no sitting and staring when House music is on.

RGP Muse: Taking us back to the beginning of your career, how did you become apart of your group Raze?

KT: I met Vaughn Mason, he had "Bounce, Rock, Skate", I had met him at a Mass Swing Hall. I was mastering one of my own records and met him there and he said he was doing House Music and I was just hearing about House at the time. I was into regular music and reggae at the time. I wanted to get into that field so we went to a studio and collaborated. The first release was "Caught U Cheatin" (1988 release) and then he called me up another time to do "Break 4 Love". It's controversial story in the sense that he didn't give me credit for co-writing it but that's one of those age old stories in music where people get ripped off.

RGP Muse: Did your upbringing influence you into music, given that you had Jamaican parents?

KT: My parents played music through the house and that influenced me through Soul music like Sam Cook and Odis Redding. My mother played the drums in the church so that influenced me into playing the drums and other instruments.

RGP Muse: Did your upbringing also influence you when you went to college? Did you play or sing while at the New York Institute of Technology?

KT: I wanted to be a news-caster actually, I have degree in Communications and I also wanted to be a radio announcer, took radio based classes and got into djing.

RGP Muse: Did you ever perform your own personal lyrics while doing classes?

KT: I probably did but I was focused on getting into producing. Once I realized I was putting out records that were crap, it inspired me to do better. I later met Vaughn, that hit song was everywhere, we had falling out, and I went back to being on my own.

RGP Muse: What projects did you do on your own?

KT: I had the reggae house music under my own label Flat Records. I went back to that and never turned back. I put out my next single "Love Is Not A Toy", it made some noise in the industry back then.

RGP Muse: Did you ever have a moment where you thought "Wow my music is taking off", it's getting the recognition that you deserve?

KT: When you're young and in the music industry, you're always hoping your music will take off.

RGP Muse: What was your family and friends reaction to you becoming a hit maker?

KT: They kept hearing Raze and I had to tell that, that was me. I was really dirven back then.

RGP Muse: What are some recent music that you've released?

KT: "Do You" is my latest. When I wrote it, I had a vision of my daughter. She was around seven at the time but I had a vision of her being in high school. doubting herself and the phrase "Do You" is for her to be herself.

RGP Muse: Do you have any advice for new artists that are just starting out in the industry?

KT: Hone your craft. Know what you want to do because going on stage is scary, and if you're not prepared, your mind will make you feel insecure. Learn your craft, your instrument, your singing. Rock your uniqueness. That gives you value.

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