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K Hyph-Setting his own Tone. Living his own Stage.

This Bronx, New York Native is bringing his own smooth and sultry vibes to the hip hop/rap scene. K Hyph, who has been rapping since his young teens, has paved his own way into the music industry with a unique sound, deep lyrics, and all-around cool vibe.

Who is K Hyph, rapper and entrepreneur?

I grew up in the Bronx, in the hood, and then moved to Maryland right after high school. I go by the stage name K Hyph.

What is the origin of your stage name?

K Hyph, the K stands for King and my first name is David. King and David are in the bible. K is just K and Hyph is the hyphenation symbol. Between K and Hyph is a blank space that represents what my future will hold.

Just Getting Started in the Rap Game

K Hyph comes from the pit of Rap, being from New York. But, just because others are in the GAME, YOU Can't Count K Hyph Out! he shares with Readers His start in Rapping.

"Everybody and Their Mother Raps"

How did you get into rapping? What made you want to recite that very first verse?

I just had that influence in me, growing up in New York. I started rapping because I was bored. I didn't even think of myself as trying to pursue rap. I love music and rap so much, that I just thought let me start doing this.

Who are your top favorite artists?

My top would be Nas, Andre 3000, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z to name a few. These are my favorites. And influential to my music style are Nas and some elements of Drake.

Do you remember your first performance? What was your mindset?

In the first year, I was in Maryland-had no friends at the time. So, I was bored and I just wrote my first verse. I visualized music and surroundings, and I take something that someone said and turn it into a verse. An artistic ability.

That First Performance

K Hyph describes that very first performance in front of a crowd.

"When you first hit the stage, everything becomes real."

Can you describe to readers your very first performance? What was the atmosphere like for you?

There's a spot called West End Lounge, I get there, waiting to perform, and as I'm waiting on the bar side, the atmosphere is different than I expected. But, my people came; my closest friend, sister, and aunt came.

How did your friends and family initially react to your rapping?

Well, if I'm not good, they're not supporting me. They will tell me if it's bad. When I was writing out in Maryland, my mother saw that I had talent and told me to pursue it. I didn't receive discouragement. There's nobody in my family that's against me rapping. I always have love and support.

What is it about your favorite artists such as Nas that inspires your own artistry, pertaining to rap flow, music, etc.?

In my early material, I really did sound similar to Nas, I was initially following the blueprint and eventually, I found my own way.

You released one of your first mixtape albums "Green Walt", back in 2018, what was the thought process behind releasing this project?

It was a combination of songs that I'd written over the year, and I just wanted to get some music out. I didn't really have a set plan behind it. At that moment, I was still in the early stages of pursuing rap and while I was rapping all of 2017, I didn't have any big projects. I put out this tape just to see what it would produce. It did well.

How was the supporter's response?

It was really good! I didn't want to bring it up to people at first that I rap, I think they would automatically dismiss it before it even happens.

Do you ever feel like you are in a tight box, being from New York with a big rap scene?

I feel stagnant and boxed in sometimes because the pool of rap is big, not just in New York, but in Jersey as well. It's competitive. But, even outside in the drill scene, New York has this "too cool" demeanor and when I perform, I push myself to stand out and be unique.

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