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Juneteenth is now a federal holiday: A win for the community or merely a false sense of hope?

We have reached a point in history in which the day when my enslaved people were given freedom has now been given its own day of celebration in return. June 19th, a federal holiday now signed into law by President Biden. A day that shows we can't (no matter how a lot of people may try) erase history and fully acknowledge the damage that was done to the enslaved years ago and still show up in many ways today.

It's progress and change, but it's not enough. There are still bills that are worth more than a simple paid holiday, sitting on the desk of the people WE elected into office. For months, The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act has been sitting in the Senate. It passed the House, but we're still waiting. The GOP still dismisses the Voting Rights Act, we're still waiting. We're still waiting on a bill that shows up racism and brutality in all forms against black people. And we're still waiting on reparations.

We're still waiting.

Today we acknowledge freedom, joy and unity within the black community but let this day also be about the waiting we continue to do.

Stay safe and enjoy! Happy Juneteenth! ✊🏽🤎

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