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Interview with Latoya Washington of RhemaCreationz

Latoya Washington has dedicated her life to Christ, her writing, mentorship, and brand RhemaCreationz along with her husband David, they are a powerful couple who dedicates their lives to helping and guiding other while being an example of love and leadership.

Latoya is an ultimate show-stopper, creating her own legacy and path to bettering others.

Who is the Latoya Washington that you want readers to know?

Latoya is a poet, playwright, and songwriter that uses the pen to therapeutically release the pressures of life to help others see, there is life after this.

What is it about your career that makes you who you are today?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and traveling to various parts of the world seeing God’s beautiful creations and as a woman that is passionate about being a voice to the voiceless, it's by letting the light of Christ shine wherever he leads me to go.

Faith and Creative Expression is what has brought RhemaCreationz to life. Latoya and David Washington both bring people a safe haven of creative energy, healing memories, and much more! RhemaCreationz is a powerhouse brand that is taking on all creative spaces.

How was RhemaCreationz created?

RhemaCreationz is a brand designed to equip, motivate, encourage, and exalt others with the Word of God. We creatively express the Word of God through apparel, books, jewelry and much more!

Washington's dedication to community, giving back, and mentorship has changed lives-both young and old. Latoya and husband David base their life's work in the field of helping children and young adults pursue a better life path and overcome difficult obstacles is celebratory and needed in the black community.

You've been serving the community for over 25 years by working with the local youth, how did it become a passion for you?

It naturally flowed when working with kids because I love children. I believe the more time I spent helping serve Sunday School and Youth Bible Study, the more I began to find my passion with children. It was the overwhelming joy that came with teaching and showing the local youth how to overcome challenges. For example, teaching them how to overcome bullying, low self-esteem, fear, identity issues, etc.

How did you get involved in your community in such a huge way?

I became involved because there was a void missing in the community of believers willing to address these topics that our children faced. Quite honestly, I faced these challenges as well and there were few people available to help address the issues. Instead of choosing to sit back and not help, I chose to stand up and make a difference.

Broken Vessels / Letters To Abba

Latoya's poetry novel tells readers that no matter what you've been through, as long as you have God by your side, life will bounce back and you can overcome and succeed!

What is the story/message behind your novel "Broken Vessels, Letters To Abba"?

"Broken Vessels" is a ten-year compilation of poems written during the best and worst moments of my life. In the time when I lost my car, home, and personal possessions. Poems and songs were written in a time to help heal from the emotional wounds of my past. The book allows readers to hear an intimate conversation between me and God. All my questions, concerns, frustrations, and moments of vulnerability are written with each page.

Is there a specific quote or part of the story that you personally carry with you, after everything you've been through up until now?

"My favorite piece in the book is “The Process” because it was written several years ago, but I am still in the process. The process of God removing the impurities of my heart and molding me into a beautiful masterpiece. The book is called Broken Vessels because of the broken pieces of my life. It is in those moments Abba showed me that he is the potter, and I am the clay. Even when life was quick to throw away my broken pieces into the trash, God patiently and intricately placed each piece back together again!

To be dedicated to helping others is not an easy task. Life hits everyone in different ways, sometimes more bad than good. Latoya and David, through their brand of RhemaCreationz, have created workshops and seminars that give the young and old a space to feel safe and secured in their life's journeys.

How have your workshops and seminars helped young children, teens and young adults grow and evolve for the better?

The information provided to the youth and their families help people to release the stress and burdens of life. It helps them to see life from a different perspective and let go of burdens that weigh us down. We provide tools and solutions to reduce and eliminate stressful situations in their lives. But most importantly our workshops are focused on pointing people to the ultimate solution, Jesus Christ! We know he is the only solution to our problems and answer to our questions.

If people want to sign up for them, how can they do so?

They can visit our website and view our courses currently available. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to discuss any other areas that we can help assist.

Please share the story about your workshops/seminars and how people can get involved.

The workshops first began while serving at my grandmother’s church and our first topic was “Stand Out”. This workshop focused on embracing the uniqueness and genuineness of who God created us to be. We discussed low self-esteem and how it affects our inability to stand out of the crowd, out of fear of being rejected. We currently have been focused on helping youth and their families build and maintain Interpersonal Communication Skills. This new workshop “No More Text’s, Let’s Talk” is available online and can be hosted nationally and internationally. The course focuses on teaching our community essential tips to communicate effectively. If people wish to be involved or host “No More Text’s, Let’s Talk” in a city near you, email"

Latoya and David Washington's brand has reached new heights of establishment. With the word of God, love and support from family and friends, and most of all the partnership between the two of them has made what RhemaCreationz is today!

What does self-establishment mean to you?

Honestly, I needed God’s knowledge and wisdom with establishing the brand. My husband and I were new to the business world and lacked the knowledge of logistics with business. It was and is through prayer, sacrifice, and countless mistakes that we are established and still growing.

You've established your brand for years, where do you personally see the growth of your brand?

The growth brings me to tears because many things we had no idea would happen. God continues to blow our minds with the opportunities presented since our official launching. We have grown in the area of technology and had to shift with the times to be flexible with customers that preferred shopping online. Also, when the pandemic hit many of our workshops were not able to hold in person. So, we had to ask for help and assist with streaming apps and services to hold virtual workshops and courses. RhemaCreationz has collaborated with a local church to feed the community every week and share the gospel. Also, we have been blessed to partner with a local food pantry to provide food for needy families.

Social issues such as depression, suicide, low self-esteem, etc. are just a few of the topics that Latoya and David touch on in their seminars. Their seminars not only give children, teens, young adults and beyond a chance to evolve for the better, but offer a guidance that they may not be able to get from others.

You've held seminars and helped local youth/ the community involving mental health, depression, suicide, bullying and much more. Is there a personal mission that you and your husband have when holding these seminars?

Yes, our mental health services were as a result of suffering through depression. It was in those dark moments in my life that I wanted to call it quits. For months I felt no one could see past my smile and cheerful disposition to know I was crying out for help. After seeking God and speaking to my spouse, we began hosting “Juniper Tree” Live with Chou Hallegra. Chou Hallegra is a Certified Christian Counselor that volunteers to assist the community.

What is the personal significance to being involved in these social issues?

The reason behind our involvement is the burden and pain it brings to our hearts to see a community oppressed or impoverished. We don’t have all the money and resources to help save the world. But we believe even if it is one person or one family that it will make a difference.

Where do you see RhemaCreationz in 5 to 10 years?

RhemaCreationz will be a business that provides jobs for individuals and their families. We will have a facility to provide food, clothing, and services for those in need. The workshops and seminars will grow into conferences that will teach on the foundational truths of our faith. RhemaCreationz will travel locally and internationally teaching our workshops and courses.

How do you see it growing beyond what you've already built and established?

We see RhemaCreationz growing in the Podcast arena and creating new products for families to enjoy. The RhemaKids collection will continue to grow, books and a new curriculum will be available for current and new customers.

God has held Latoya's hand through all her obstacles, helping her overcome in order to be of great service to her community and those in need of her mentorship. She gives through the word of God and is rewarded every time for her strong and nurturing efforts.

How has the word of God helped you in your journey of entrepreneurship, writing, and community service?

The word of God has helped us overcome the pressures of business. It can be difficult being the forerunner to a movement, idea or thought that has never been done. But the word of God teaches me to stay focused and gives us the strength to endure. Our faith helps us to trust in the vision even beyond our bank account. God has given us a vision that far exceeds our finite minds and moments of doubt, we hold on to his word. God has never failed us, and he keeps his promises. We have faced many challenges in all aspects of what we have been called to do. We faced rejection, betrayal, deception, and only a few dollars to make ends meet. But the word of God is living and brings life to impossible situations.

How has your spiritual knowledge and guidance helped others as well?

It has pointed others to the source of our strength. Every place we go and all we do is fueled by our passion for the Kingdom of God. We show people in the scriptures how God’s great love towards us is all we need to face the day. Each day we want to show the love of God through our ministry, and we won’t be able to do that without knowing his word. We focus on being doers of the word and not just hearers of the word (James 1:22-25).

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