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I_Solange: A Man of Many Words

I_Solange. The man who knows the deep-rooted art of words. A man who spits a verse or recites a line of passion with his poetry and music. Tommy Neal known as I_Solange is making the world his personal stage. From knowing at a young age that writing poetry was meant for him to sending out life-changing messages through his music, I_Solange is just getting started.

Who exactly is I_Solange?-poet, music artist, entrepreneur, lyricist, content creator, and performer?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York-Brownsville to be exact. The son of a published newspaper writer, I have extensive knowledge about the art of writing and the usage of words in general. As a Taurus, life has everything to do with devotion and passion. Each endeavor I'm on requires the use of words and art in a way.

How did you know poetry was your calling? As you discovered that you had the gift of spoken word, what did you do to advance in your craft?

I knew poetry was that "thing" for me around 10-11 years old. I would often wow my parent's company with little freestyles at their gatherings in my childhood home. I never stopped writing after the attention I garnered, and with age and passion comes commitment and a deeper vocabulary.

It takes a lot of courage to get in front of an audience and share your craft. But, because you believe in yourself, no matter where you perform, your message is out there for all to absorb.

You've shared your spoken word with thousands, where have you performed thus far? How have you done poetry tours, if so, how was the experience?

Last year I went on a six-city tour sharing my art and passion, which I thoroughly enjoyed the whole time. My favorite cities to perform were Ohio, Savannah and Atlanta, GA, New Jersey, and Maryland. The best part about touring is every piece you perform feels new because it is new to those different sets of ears.

What do you personally think of your artistry? Your words, emotions, and thoughts touch souls and bring people to a place of vision but how do you think you can evolve in your craft?

I think my artistry is like a top-tier rollercoaster ride. You expect the excitement and thrill you KNOW the ride can produce. But when it's you sitting front row, the thrill hits different. As for continuing my growth I honestly feel I need to stay attuned, open to competition, and always believe in my pen.

Messages are everywhere, especially in the flow of music. There is a certain kind of power behind the music, and I_Solange has it. He describes his lyrics as being written from the heart. When he uses his pen, he wants to make a connection.

What are the stories/messages behind some of your poems such as "S.E.X )Sensual Energy Exchanges)", and "Car Sex"?

My pieces "Car Sex" "S.E.X" and "Good Guy Chronicle Part 1" are crowd favorites and for good reason. The clearest message behind my work is literally a sense of contrary belief; not everything is how it's presented. Priding myself on not being "Ordinary' S.E.X" was the easiest to write about given the fact people treat it as just sex while you're literally exchanging energy. So, I felt that needed to be touched on. Besides, who doesn't love to be loved?

Why the name "Car Sex"? Was it from personal experience?

Car Sex is one of my favorite works. As a car fanatic, I always wanted to challenge myself and break down all the parts of something I love and relate it to real relationships. It makes the work all the more genuine when you write from the head and heart.

What about your song "Good Guy Chronicles"? What's the story there?

"Good Guy" is self-explanatory. I know goddesses had their share of heartbreaks and I know we men tend to have to pick up pieces of hearts we didn't break. I wanted to show another side of 'The Typical Man' and touch on how we good men are still capable of loving while being loved the right way.

Is there a message that you follow daily when drawing inspiration for music and poetry?

My favorite message to follow is 'Normalize Fallin In Love With The Progress And Not The Result'. In my case, that means the words/art is what I must love. The results are the performances that are ONLY possible because of my love for progress.

Poets tend to go against the grain. Wanting to cement thoughts into your minds with their words. When I_Solange shares his poetry, he wants to go against what people think poetry should be like. Be you in your craft. Be special. Be unique.

Do you plan to expand into authorship by writing a poetry novel? If so, please share with readers any details on the upcoming release!

A Poetry/Mantra mini book is definitely in the works. People need to know and understand there are people who see, feel, and LIVE the same trials and tribulations as they are living. The excited artist in me says Middle of 2022 I'm shooting for a release, but the perfectionist in me says Fall 2022.

What content do you plan to release this year? More poetry, more music, perhaps expanding your brand into other creative areas? Please share with readers what's coming up next for you!

As I stated before, in the Fall, I'm looking to come out with a pocket-sized Mantra Booklet with affirmations and a few poetry pieces.

Follow I_Solange via:

Facebook: @ TwinOfDestiny

Instagram: @ i_solanged_ya_bitch, @I_solangedmusic

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