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Fully In Tune With Yasmin S. Brown

Yasmin S. Brown has not only been a pioneer in the writing industry, but she has cemented her talent and knowledge into various areas of expertise. Her work stems from not only writing and entrepreneurship, but mental health work and also social advocacy into sexual assault, domestic violence and inequality. Brown's works is stellar, inspiring, and motivating for those who wish to do the same.

For readers everywhere, who is Yasmin Brown?

Yasmin S. Brown is a paralegal on a mission to help women go from trauma to leadership. After surviving a past trauma, I decided to make lemonade out the lemons.

Publishing my first book series in 2018, but I didn’t stop there. With a passion to help other people succeed I started Yiry-Elements.

What is Yiry-Elements? What is your organization about?

Yiry-Elements is an organization based on faith, hope, love and support to create leaders through personal growth and self-expression. We utilize creativity and innovation to unyoke future leaders in community, business and self.

You are clearly an avid reader and writer, how did you start reading and writing? Was it a childhood past time? How did reading and writing become a passion and now life's work for you?

I started writing poetry as a young child building off of “Rose are Red, Violets are Blue.” I did not become an avid reader until later in my years during college, when I realized communication and literacy classes would grow into a mindset of knowledge and skills. I still love to write poetry beyond my childhood stepping stone.

Writing has been apart of Yasmin Brown's world since a young age. She embarked into the writing scene with a heart filled with passion for the craft and a goal to succeed beyond her limits.

What was the first piece of writing that you did as a child?

My first poem I ever wrote as an adult is called “Rain.” As a child my parents had me sit down after school to do homework in order to receive the reward of going outside to hang with my friends. In a sense, there was some reading involved, but never a specific book. The passion of reading and writing started at Point Park University, where I started my criminal justice journey.

How did reading and writing become a passion and now life's work for you?

My passion switched to my life’s work when I discovered a lot of unhealed trauma. Seeking a therapist and journaling created a stronger passion for education through literacy and personal growth. Combining the two boiled over to a desire to assist others with overcoming and restoration.

After succeeding beyond childhood ambitions, Yasmin proceeded to put her knowledge more into the black and brown community. She put even more work into the Mental Health Community.

Yasmin Brown's life journey soars through the words and characters of novels. She embodies her life's experiences into her work where readers can connect and see inside Yasmin's world. "I Just Want To Be Normal", a story of hope and strength when battling childhood kidney disease, shows readers that life has obstacles, but you can overcome.

"I Just Want To Be Normal" is one of your best sellers-what is the backstory to this story? How has your story on fighting childhood kidney disease inspired others to fight?

“I Just Want To Be Normal” is a story about my daughter being diagnosed with a rare kidney disease at eight years old. Sharing my daughter’s story has been an inspiration for my daughter to regain confidence to be able to talk about her disease. I can now share my daughter’s journey without crying. I have given speeches on Nephrotic Syndrome, parent education, and financial burdens during Covid-19. My daughter’s story has inspired others not to give up, though research is still being done to find a cure for this disease.

To be silent, is to be unheard, in the shadows. To live through any form of trauma takes courage and support. Best seller "The Silent Destruction", part one of Yasmin's best selling series, tells the story of not only survival of sexual abuse, but it tells readers that they are strong and not alone.

What is the story and message behind your first book "The Silent Destruction" part of a series called “Deliverance?”

“The Silent Destruction” is a story about being sexually assaulted as a child and being in a domestic violence relationship prior to the age of eighteen. The story provides the psychological effects and fall out from suppressed feelings. The book also provides interactive journaling and education letting you know you are not alone. In addition to helping young women who are struggling with their identity, self-respect, self-worth and self-love.

One of your passions is to give help concerning Mental Health, why this particular field?

I have a saying, “Mental Health is the Best Health.” I recognize a disturbance in ones mental well being does not only affect the person and their home, but the community surrounding them. Everyone goes to the doctor for a checkup, but not everyone takes the same approach for their psychological well being. The brain takes continuous hits emotionally and physically. The importance of the brain and the knowledge it holds was instilled in me from my father.

What about mental health triggers behaviors that you are aware of personally?

The uniqueness and out of the box behavior gives me the drive to want to know more. The advocacy work I do starts conversations, builds relationships and breaks the barrier of suppression.

What about coaching services? How have they helped your clients lives for the better? How has it changed your life's perspective -like a doctor looking within?

I have a coaching session I call "Face it, Speak it, Heal from it." Whatever your “it” may be there are steps someone utilizes to assist others to locate the problem, gain the confidence and find the solution. My strong advocacy work and passion comes from my own experience as a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor.

How has your personal experiences shaped what is not your advocacy?

Not realizing the past betrayals and emotional distress from my past traumas manifested its way in other forms in the future of my life until I addressed the problem. Addressing the problem helped me find peace and freedom within myself. My work on myself helped me to become more self-aware. I believe if you are more self-aware, you will become more aware of your actions and how they affect others.

What other causes have you advocated for? What do these causes mean to you personally?

I advocate for domestic violence, sexual assault and inequality. These causes each have a personal place in my heart, from being a survivor to being a black woman in America that sees the country from analytical and spiritual relationship perspective. By understanding the foundation of violence and inequality, I realize without the healing of ones mental state and willingness to listen and understand, the cycle will continue as it always has been, loud and aggressive or silent but deadly.

Empowering women of all backgrounds is the one thing Yasmin Brown dedicates her time to. Building women up through her advocacy and literary collaborations, Yasmin has helped change many lives. She truly believes by empowering each other, it can make all the difference.

What does Women Empowerment mean to you as a whole?

Women Empowerment means I knows my self-worth, stand strong in my truth and love my authentic self (good, bad, ugly). By owning who I was and knowing who I am now, I'm able to collaborate with so many beautiful strong supportive women who not only own their truth, but accepts who they are in it. Self-love is the best love and if you don’t love yourself as a whole, you cannot truly love someone else.

Has the term and movement impacted not only your career as a writer and author, but also your novels such as the collaborative novel and anthology "Diamonds In The Rough," and also your collaboration with author Gail Watson in "Voices of the 21st Century"?

Diamonds In The Rough” and “Voices of the 21st Century” helped me see strong women of faith and elevation not just for self but for others. Women Empowerment is an influence and understanding that women are the pillars of our community. When one grows weary and starts to break, we stand in unity to rebuild and restore each other as a whole.

Yasmin details her success as an Author and how she continues to grow and evolve as a Writer, Author, Advocate and Entrepreneur!

How would you describe your growth as not only a writer/author, but as a person?

My growth as a person has been phenomenal. I learned so much about myself and how to be my best-self during my journey. My career as a writer/author has been influenced by working with top celebrity writers to working with some influential women who truly care about your success mentally and physically.

Your writing has inspired and has made a huge impact on others lives, but what about your life in particular?

My writing has made an impact of healing in my life. It has also brought me to a place where being uncomfortable in good situations is normal.

How has your written journey evolved over the years?

My writing has given me eternal growth in knowledge to be sought out as my work continues to grow. Over the years the elevation of my journey allowed me to travel, which I love. It has allowed me to meet so many new people and learn from them. In addition to enabling me to make friendships and collaborations around the world.

Yasmin Brown's spiritual beliefs have not only helped guide her life's obstacles, but it's also helped strengthen her relationship within writing and creating. She has created a safe space for readers and community, to not only share within her values but also connect on much deeper levels through the written word of Yasmin S. Brown.

How has your spiritual journey helped your writing?

My spiritual journey is a big part of what I do, because without it I feel I would still not be whole within myself. My spiritual journey gave me the continuous drive in overcoming and restoration. You cannot find complete healing without it.

How has it helped you overcome any personal challenges when deciding to take on new projects?

Personally, my spiritual journey has been a roller coaster of tears, prayer, divine interventions, faith and willingness of acceptance. When deciding my new projects, I go through three questions-what, how, why. Once I answer them, my solution comes through prayer and faith for impact.

While you are an outstanding inspiration to others, who has been your inspiration throughout your journey, especially in the beginning? How have they guided you on this path of success?

In the beginning of my journey, I'd seen the fight in my mother. Overtime I learned the stories of both my grandmothers (Mary Theresa Phelps and Ruth Knight Brown) journeys in life. They shared stories of how they stayed grounded in faith, love of family and while being of service to others. These women are the core of who I am and I thrive to utter their legacy. Their guidance brought me to a place of success through guidance, counsel, friendship, discipline and prayer.

How have they guided you on this path of success?

All though they are both now deceased, they have shown me how to seek guidance and counsel in life through prayer and fellowship, show and receive support through friendship and family, and show discipline in what you want to accomplish out of life.

Yiry-Elements is the brand and business of growth and continuous success! Built from the ground up, Yasmin Brown has made Yiry-Elements into a helping hand for people to become their better selves.

You've built a powerful brand of Yasmin Brown and Yiry-Elements, where do you see it in say 5 to 10 years?

In five to ten years, I dream of growing my business to a LLC with a store front called Inside Outside Beauty. Continuing my growth and success of helping others achieve beauty further than skin deep.