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Financial literacy should be a must in all forms of the educational system.

Many are not aware that there is a disparity when it comes to the black communities knowledge of financial literacy. Many of us didn't grow up with a savings account at the start of age four in order to prosper into adulthood. Black and brown people do play a vital role in the economic establishment of the United States, but in comparison to their white counterparts, they still don't make the cut in financial wellness. Financial literacy is one of the main reasons behind this overly complex gap. Unless we take specific courses in school or our parents are given the opportunity to set us directly up for financial readiness, we continue to lag behind in the system.

Schools across the country should have the tools, resources and lesson plans in order to help black youth learn the insides and outs of being able to become wealthy. Why should we be ignorant to the corrupt system while others are able to fully take advantage of it with no consequences-tax and revenue included. We see in media spaces how black entertainers and celebrities reap the benefits of the system by flaunting the wealth that they were able to achieve and while it can be celebratory and praise worthy, I think some not all spread the message the wrong way. Black mothers and fathers having to work multiple jobs just to stay afloat is a part of a corrupt system and I do wonder when the day will come where struggling is no longer a term.

Not many celebrities who say they want to give back to the community go the educational route by establishing lessons and workshops that help black youth understand how they can be financial successful. Being given the opportunity to explore real-world topics like establishing credit, investing in the stock market, filing taxes, and choosing different types of insurance should be a must in classrooms starting at the basic elementary school level.

Teachers and Professors alike should have the opportunity to make lessons fun, exciting, and informative when discussing financial literacy so nobody remains ignorant or uneducated about the subject. I think it could make a huge difference once reaching adulthood, moving out of parents homes, buying our own cars, houses, renting apartments, etc. Saving and getting a saving accounts isn't the only thing black households should know about and I wish the system would include us more in the financial discussion. Perhaps it's time to bring back Black Wall street or something equivalent until we are able to get ahead of those who keep us behind. There’s no single explanation for the racial wealth gap. Similarly, financial education is not the single solution. But without personal finance courses, schools/colleges and universities will continue to reinforce racial and socioeconomic inequities. It’s time for our country to take bold action towards preventing the racial wealth gap from expanding beyond our control. It's time for money to go into programs that matter and are informative for the black community. To fully support the Black Lives Matter movement, the system must acknowledge and honor that Black Wealth Matters.

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