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Artists of all walks of life remain one of a kind. Each one finding their niche and setting their own stage in order to prepare themselves to release their very beings into the music they sing, rap, and more.

Khari Robinson, an independent and underground rapper, has set his sights on being more exposed. He wants to achieve more in getting his name on the rap scene map and his life in lyrics heard.

He has ambition to get his name out and won't let nothing stand in his way.

"The feeling is amazing. I'm excited and just eager to attack the best way I can. I'm a student before anything."

Robinson who first got his start into music in 2009 and began rapping at the tender age of 13. He was young and motivated with an intent to get his word in.

Once reaching the age of 17, Robinson began to perfect his craft professionally under the inspirational cloud from lyrical greats such as Big L, Slim Shady, Drake, J.Cole, Fabulous, 50 cent, and Max B.

Now at 28, Robinson has since released 2 albums and 3 mixtapes-albums "69", Dec. 2019 and "Art of War", Mar. 2020, and mixtapes "Cool High Niggaz Part 1", Jan. 2018, "Blaqtape", Sept. 2018, and "The Rap Tape", Jan. 2021, respectfully.

"The process comes naturally after you learn what you need to do personally. When I record for an EP/album, I’m always excited to see what type out work I’ll come out with."

The pandemic struck everyone no matter the creative circle. For Robinson, life became a bit difficult but with inner spiritual guidance and self-affirmation, he was able to keep busy, stay focused on his work, and release his second album "Art of War" that is now available on all music streaming platforms.

"My path during this rough time was unique and a learning experience. I kept my self busy by working on new projects and growing my spiritual journey," Robinson said. "I was able to meet a lot of people along the way."

Despite multiple closings including the closings of studios, Robinson was still able to get studio time to shoot a music video and collaborate with other artists such as Nite Shine, Reem Ali , Flamz and TruID. The drive to put out music one after another and do music collaborations didn't stop despite the pandemic and him being an introvert.

"I’m very introverted and I’m more of a solo artist but the process is dope if two artists are on the same page. Beautiful things can happen."

Friends encouragement and support kept Robinson in the rap game despite moments of uncertainty.

"A friend of mine who I do music with encouraged me to keep it going even more. I made 3 projects after that and I have a personal studio so it wasn’t closed for me. I got some more projects in the works right now."

Being original in an ever changing industry is detrimental to not only staying relevant in terms of support and music taste but also important to being unique in terms of artistic ability.

Robinson, being an independent rapper knows the struggles of being an artist that many do not know of. Being who he is as a person is what makes the talent he has show up in a more meaningful and unique way.

"The originality of music and rap is kind of lost. You see a lot artists trying to do the same style. I wanted to be different from what’s popular. What changed to me was the style," Robinson said. "Like the mumble rap and auto tune wave. I stay true to myself by simply being myself. The music is always changing but you have to adapt in anyway possible."

Artists are in a competitive arena all on their own and as a rapper who has a story to tell by word of mouth, it is so much worth more than streaming and popularity on the music charts,

"A lot of my music is personal or I’m writing from another side or point of views. It’s definitely more than talent but streams and popularity definitely is a main source for it in these current music times."

When asked how he is able stay positive and motivated when there are newer and catchier rappers taking the spotlight, Robinson remains optimistic and stays true that he will be recognized when it's his time.

"Stay positive. And have a relationship with God, Do your homework and learn the business," Robinson encourages other artists to take a leap of faith. "Believe in the abilities that God gave you. I’m independent and it’s a tuff road but worth it if done properly."

Robinson's music continues to grow and expand. He puts all his heart, worth, and passion into the lyrics that he recites as he goes into the studio with a mission on his mind. A mission to be the best man, artist, and rapper he can be.

He may not be known by many, but those that know his name, know his struggles, his wrongs and his rights, know that the lyrics he says into the mic are worthy of a listen and understanding.

He's on a personal journey to stand out and attack against those who don't think he can make it.

"Being able to express, heal, and inspire, I’m well in tune with my emotions. My messages that I carry is power, strength, the will to want to succeed and be great.

Love and anger, every emotion you can think of, being free and having a creative mind. My message is be the best version of yourself."

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