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Don't let the fear override our fight.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

So, Derek Chauvin was released from jail. No surprise there. Breonna Taylor still hasn't received her justice. Jonathan Price was murdered and of course his killer used an excuse. Not surprising either. Covid is still killing us, police are still killing us, and black folks are still not sure if they want to vote or are still wondering if their vote will matter on November 3rd. No surprise.

We have a lot of fight still left in us. As a community we need to be aware and be smart. No one can tell you who to vote for but once again, don't complain if the results aren't what you want because you decided not to vote thinking "Oh Trump gonna win anyway so what's the point?" No. Don't do that. Go out or mail in your balled, vote for your son, daughter, husband, wife, niece, nephew, etc.

Being black in 2020 is basically on loop, same thing occurring over and over again and this time, we are done. We are done crying, yelling, screaming and done with the trendy outrage. Be fearful, be scared, be optimistic, whatever it is you are feeling because it's valid but don't be silent. Don't stand by. Fight for us because no one else will.

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