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David L. Builds His Own Legacy!

The man behind the best selling novel " A Recipe For Revenge", shares his beginnings into his passion, the startup of his publishing company Total Package Publications, LLC and more!

David L., a native to the fast paced Brooklyn, NY, has been on the literary scene for a long time, cementing his creative juices into a cut-throat world. Bringing his characters to life and creating a space where topics are wide in range, David L. is in a lane all on his own!

Who is David L. Henry-the writer, author, publisher, entrepreneur and soon to be podcast creator and host?

David L. the writer, author, publisher, etc... etc... is pretty much one and the same person: an individual who strives for nothing but greatness and a lasting legacy in the literary fiction universe.

How has being born in the jungle of Brooklyn, NY made you the writer you are today?

I was born and raised in "planet Brooklyn" (Brooklyn, NY). I enjoy crafting stories that leave my readers both educated and entertained and additionally, creating formidable characters that are both authentic, ever-changing and leave the reader wanting more from me to read. Current passions include watching the formation of my novel-soon-to-be-movie, Represent.

How did you get started in the writing industry? Was it a pastime hobby before it became your life's work?

I got started in the writing industry by releasing my debut novel, It's Like Butter, Baby under a Canadian publishing imprint. Once I quickly realized that they owned pretty much everything and were pocketing most of the revenue, I decided to make a go at self-publishing - hence the creation of my publishing company, Total Package Publications, LLC. The best selling novel "A Recipe 4 Revenge" under David L.'s self-made publishing company Total Package Publications, LLC., is a storm filled with female characters that take you on a tail spin, a wild ride that you don't want to miss!

What is the story behind your best seller "A Recipe 4 Revenge"?

The story behind "A Recipe 4 Revenge" is a cautionary tale of what can happen when you drive someone to the pinnacle of despair, anger and/or frustration. I intertwined the current lives of four young ladies leading very different lifestyles and upon the return to their 10th year HS reunion, mysteriously finds out that they have something in common and want to exact revenge on the individual that changed their lives for the worse.

Do you have a favorite scene of the novel?

There is no particular scene in the novel that comes across as a personal "favorite" of mine, however I am truly proud of how I was able to create this journey of four vastly different female characters and through the course of the book, create various opportunities for them to experience growth and to take control of themselves and break through personal barriers.

Total Package Publications, LLC.

Total Packages Publications, LLC is an established treasure that David L. has put his entire dedication into. His six novels have been written under his name alone. David L. is now a powerhouse, continuing to put his name in the writing hat while also adding new gems under his name.

How and why did you start your own publishing company Total Package Publications?

I started my company, Total Package Publications, LLC in order to provide an opportunity for other writers to realize their dream and give "birth" to books that they wanted to share with the world. Secondly, I started my company because I was always a believer in the mastery of your own destiny and for me to truly experience that, I could not have others hampering my writing process or battling me on my creative control over a book title, book cover and/or characters in my novels.

What was your process to starting the company?

I utilized extensive hours of research, followed by investing my time and earnings into making it a reality. To date, my company has published six novels (written by me) and next year two authors will be dropping their debut novels under my publishing imprint.

What is it about these two books in particular that has made you evolve as a writer and author?

There is no one character in either My Life Is A Movie or Represent (two of my five currently-published novels) in which there is one character that fits who I am as an individual. However, there are various characters throughout both books in which I was able to formulate a composite of myself and my attributes, personality traits, etc. In regards to both of the aforementioned novels, I was able to grow as a writer by taking past experiences and allow each of the main characters to evolve throughout the book, allowing the reader to appreciate my ability to evoke the realism of a character from the beginning pages until the end of the book.

Self-establishment isn't an extravagant goal or mission like most would associate the term with. It means that you've put yourself out there, into your craft and made it your own. Made it your passion, made it your goal to achieve all that you can achieve because you believe in yourself. David L. who has made his own literary world with best selling novels, a self-publishing company, a blog and an Instagram interview series, a coming soon podcast, and various endorsements, still has a lot to accomplish and a lot to self-achieve!

What does self-establishment mean to you?

Self-establishment" to me means not being scared or anxious about doing what your heart tells you to do. This goes back to my point of not giving in to the demands of the current climate by following a certain "recipe" for success. My literary trip although filled with literal missteps has caused me to grow as a writer and publisher and just as importantly, show my readers that I am humbled by my success and would not have gotten this far without them.

David L. has a sequel coming out for his hit novel "Represent"!

My next tentative release is aptly titled: "Represent: The Big Payback" which is a sequel to the underground classic, Represent. I've never had the passion to create a sequel before now, so the writing journey for this novel is truly a unique experience.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share a promotional snippet at this time because it is in the drafting stages and nothing has been edited.

David L. gives readers a snippet on his new, upcoming podcast

"David L. Presents: Yeah, I Said It"

My very 1st podcast which I am excited about is cleverly titled: "David L. Presents: Yeah, I Said It". My podcast theme is to allow other self-made business people the opportunity to promote their brand on my show and give their audience a lasting impression on what they can offer to them. It's my way of giving back to an industry that unfortunately never put forth as much energy towards me and making my brand an everyday conversation piece so I hope to take from my experiences and give some "shine" to others.

Writing a book isn't an easy venture, David L. knows firsthand! Don't let your fears and doubts stop you from achieving your dreams!

My advice to those that say "I don't have the time to write a book" is very simple and straightforward: If you have time to lay up on your couch and watch your favorite reality tv show, YOU HAVE TIME! If you have time to read this message from me... YOU HAVE TIME! Don't let time get in the way of realizing your dreams. MAKE IT HAPPEN... TODAY! Life is about multi-tasking and nothing worth having is going to happen easily. The struggle in itself is what will keep you both humbled and filled with humility as you proceed with your journey.

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