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Celebrate your Value

I can’t wait until we are fully able to rid ourselves of the hierarchical ways that has defined our value. You can do nothing in this world and still be valuable. Let’s normalize that. Valuing yourself is a gift, its precious because I am able to wake everyday and experience what I do, create and love. It took me a long time to find the value in my self love and am ready to embrace it 100%.

Valuing yourself also has a way of making one excited, being fulfilled in a space of gratitude for coming achievements and personal goals. I can look at myself now and be excited for what I am doing in this present moment and have gratitude for having the support to do so. Be firm in yourself care, don't think that your time won't come because it will. The journey is and rewarding. Life is unpredictable and it's important to be able to acknowledge your accomplishments for yourself.

Validate yourself to yourself. Recognize the value in yourself. It’s not for anybody but you. Share and be proud of you. Do it for you. Don't be discouraged or afraid because the value you place on yourself is worth it.

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