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Black People are the biggest voices for this election. Vote. Don't be SELFISH. VOTE!

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

We as a community have been taken for granted. When it comes to the corruption that is involved in the voting system, black people are the main target. Black people are always the biggest turn out when it comes to voting especially in southern states like North/South Carolina, Georgia and Virgina. And to be honest, if these last fours years of domestic terror, violence, brutality against black women, men and children, police brutality, systematic, economic, political and general racism has shown us, it is that we need to vote. Vote because our livelihoods depend on it.

When you go to the polls or vote by mail, take into consideration of the fact that RBG has passed and now Trump will elect a Supreme Court Justice that is not in our favor but his own. Think about the elections for mayor, governor, attorney general, and state legislators that you chose not to vote for because you didn't care or think it mattered. Think again.

The system has shown us multiple times IT DON’T GAF. We’re sitting here ASKING our oppressors to change the system that helped them oppress us instead of creating our own. Why would the oppressor give you the leverage to overthrow them when they can just continue to do the BS that they do? They know if we ever got the upper hand, they wouldn't know how to control us. That's what it's about. Control.

This election is beyond a hand out for the community. This is beyond a second stimulus check. This is for ungiven justice for the wrongs that this administration has bestowed upon us because we want to remain silent. We fight everyday and complain about no results.

Well guess what, you need to vote. Breonna Taylor didn't receive justice, one of many black women, men and children.

We deserve justice.

We deserve human rights and freedom.


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