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Black Love is a Revolution that will continue to be Televised Loud and Clear!!

Love, a spiritual and powerful essence that touches the deepest parts of our very being. Black love, a thirst quenching desire and need that is essential for our community.

With everything going on in this country-the brutality of black men, women, children, trafficking of black men and women, police brutality, racism, systematic racism, economic racism and injustice, a damaged 2 party city that does nothing for us and yet we are still trapped in it, etc. It's beyond exhausting and yet all we still have is black love. Black love is revolutionary to our creation and maker. Black love is what keeps a float because who is there to care for us but us. Let's heal and uplift, not create a non existent war between us and give what people expect of us-divide between ourselves. Spread love. Spread Black Love.

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