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Authoress J.R. Tilman (Jasmine Tilman) In the Now with Jasmine Tilman!

Jasmine Tilman aka Authoress J.R. Tilman is a woman with a bundle of goals and aspirations. She is the ultimate writing queen!

From a small town in Ohio to achieving big dreams, Jasmine Tilman proves everyday that with courage and motivation, dreams can come true. Just make it happen! Who exactly is Authoress J.R. Tilman?

Jasmine Tilman, a.k.a. J.R. Tilman is a small town girl with huge dreams that always lead her to writing books. I want them to be shifted into movies. I'm from Toledo, Ohio. From a small family with a single mother and a from time to time father, I pushed through the many obstacles to transpire my dreams.

You've achieved a lot when it comes to helping others, what do you think about what you've done thus far?

I have become the woman I always wanted to be. The woman who helps others conquer their dreams while completing her own; creating major content for entertainment and life lessons all at the same time.

Jasmine has always known she was meant to be a writer. At a young age, writing has been apart of her journey into adulthood. Tilman shares with readers just what made writing become her partner in life.

You are clearly an avid reader and writer, how did you start? Was it a childhood past time? How did reading and writing become a passion and now life's work for you?

I’ve been a writer since I was a child. Always hoping to have my work hit the big screens. I indulged in my gift from God. I never looked up to someone as a child and said “I want to be a writer like them,” I truly believe I was born with the gift of writing.

She has also branched her way into life coaching-giving others a way to become better and brighter than what they already are!

If new readers were to go to you for your coaching services, how would people be able to sign up?

Right now, I am in the making of my Life Coaching courses. But I have a for anyone that wants to keep up with my upcoming novels, journals, life coaching courses, interviews, and Facebook community.

Why become a life coach? Did something occur in your life where you felt you had to take on this path?

I always knew I wanted to help others. In high school, I would always sit in the counselor's office for advice. And to my surprise, other students waiting for assistance would vent to me and ask for my advice.

How do you think your coaching abilities have helped people, especially teens and young adults so far?

Even with my everyday life, everyone shares their view on my great intelligence and old soul spirit. I am very positive to talk to.

Jasmine shares with readers the message behind her self-created journals. A helping hand to all women!

What do you want your audience to know as they use this journal for their own paths, goals and dreams?

I wanted to dedicate this one of three journals, to both women and upcoming women. I wanted to reach my audience by sharing my story to show that they’re not alone. To share the significance that we need to stick together to get far within our community.

What about this journal series expresses your personal experiences?

I went through plenty of obstacles in my life wanting to give up, shifting my mindset to get where I needed to be. It is no walk in the park, but it is worth your time, to work on yourself and who you are as a person. Everyone always speaks on “finding oneself” but not many share “how” to do so. I wanted to give a front seat view of my journey and explain how I became who I am in detail.

Authoress Jasmine Tilman has been a writer ever since she can remember. She has spread her story across thousands and inspires many. While Jasmine gives motivation to achieve success to others, she carries a message of strength and admires those who guide her on the right path.

You've inspired many and changed teens and young adults lives with your inspiring journey and coaching services, but who have you had as an inspiration on your journey?

Even though our relationship wasn’t together when I was coming up, my father gave me tons of great advice. As well as my mother, she’s always been in my ear even with me running the streets for a long while. I always took her advice into great consideration.

As an ever growing brand and person, what does self-establishment mean to you?

Self-establishment means to live true and free in the skin you're in. Which defines the meaning of my coaching business, "Know YourSELF LLC." My main goal is to not only break generational curses, but to eliminate them all. To create a more positive and self-acceptance generation.

What is it about the brand Jasmine Tilman aka Authoress J.R Tilman that you believe makes you different?

I believe that I am extremely open minded. My mother told me ‘I have the best of both worlds’, meaning I have both middle class and lower class environment experience. I know what it’s like to live in a ‘good’ scaled neighborhood, and the ‘ghettos’ as well.

What have you set your mind on now?

I’ve been thinking heavily on disturbing content of Supernatural fiction novels, motivational, and black history journals, along with urban fiction novels. There’s no limit to the work I want to bring to life over the next 8-10 years. I will not stop inspiring, entertaining, and helping the world until I am gone. And maybe not even then.

Thinking back to your beginnings up until now, how would you describe your growth and self-evolution? How would you say your own journey has empowered you to be a better writer and author?

First I want to thank God for the life he has granted me. I am extremely grateful for the growth I have experienced coming up. A lot of people saw a future of destruction and failure for me which pushed me to go harder each day. I am more wise, more knowledgeable, and most importantly, I know who I am and who I’m going to be.

You ever feel discouraged? That there's a massive weight set on your shoulders through your journey?

Sometimes I do get discouraged, but I make sure to get back up and keep going because what I feel I didn’t accomplish today may transpire tomorrow.

Incursion: Thin Lines Between Love & War"


Supernatural Debut Novel!

While Tilman has written expanded her written gift into journals, she has also soared into the supernatural realm in her book "Incursion: Thin Lines Between Love & War". Tilman gives readers an inside look!

What made you write your Supernatural debut novel "INCURSION; THIN LINES BETWEEN LOVE and WAR"?

Other than me being a die hard Supernatural fiction fan, I wanted to tell my story in an entertaining way. When I was a child, after my grandfather passed and my cousin got incarcerated, I went down the wrong path. Reasons were because these two were the closest male figures I had at the time.

What is the story and message behind this first book?

I turned to supernatural fiction taking a huge liking to the shows/ movies. Seeing that I saw these characters as brothers, bestfriends, father figures, etc. They attained great loyalty, love, and passion to each other. All I wish I had growing up.

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