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Author Debut! Hannah Abiona

Updated: May 12, 2022

Making the decision to become a writer is serious business. One has to have patience, dedication and the motivation to share stories that will hopefully one day be read by others.

Hannah Abiona, newly debuted author of the 2020-2021 literary season has released her new book "Office Mouse" and the road to bringing the story to life was fulfilling and at times demanding. When asked what made the creation of her novel come to be, Abiona just wanted to let her creativity flow and be shared.

"I honestly just wanted to share my thoughts with the world. I'm constantly thinking and can make a story out of anything," Abiona said. "I love people watching and creating a life for them in my head. It helps inspire most of my work."

Creating characters that have depth and originality can be a challenge and sometimes it's better to gain inspiration from other literary works or even authors because then one can see how the imaginary worlds and characters are formed.

Anyone can gain inspiration from other forms of art but it takes true talent to do it on your own. Abiona uses her own form of art to create her characters and uses inspiration to further accentuate her novel.

"I don't necessarily have any that inspired me but I do have a few that helped me with my own writing. Authors such as Charlene Harris, Shea Ernshaw and Katee Robert showed me that it is okay to write about sexual experiences and that it is okay to be overly descriptive."

Write To Your Heart's Content!

Writing a book for the first time can be nerve-wracking and even at times stressful. One can have moments of wanting to give up because perhaps you feel what your writing isn't good enough. Abiona, being a first time author knows all about having hard moments during the writing and publishing process.

"The hardest part about getting it published was typing it up and sending it in. I want to be a copy-writer/book editor ," Abiona said. "I constantly edit my own work, rewrite scenes and move stuff around. So getting it finished is usually the hardest part."

The true origin of a book can come from anything and anyone. It could be from a random dream or a passing conversation with a friend that can trigger inspiration for a whirlwind novel. "Office Mouse" came to be simple from Hannah's own imagination that eventually sets her characters Winifred and Ryan on a sexy, steamy and wild ride.

"It's so simple, it's almost funny. I was driving on a road that I took almost everyday when I was going to school and I probably passed this building a million times," Abiona continued. "I thought what would it be like for people to have affairs in their offices. And that is where the main plot for "Office Mouse" came from."

Being isolated in such a way could cause one to lose all sense of motivation but luckily Abiona has a way to keep her ideas flowing and inspiration for a story fresh.

"Keep a journal and a pen to catch floating ideas and get it done! A weight will be lifted off your shoulders," Abiona emphasizing how she keeps her writing close. "Even if it's just a few sentences a day, you can do it."

Hannah also shared that during months of quarantine, she suffered from writer's block from time to time but was eventually able to get back in touch with what she does best-write!

"I wouldn't say it made me a better writer but encouraged me to show people what I'm capable of. I had the worst case of writer's block before hand and the pandemic made it worse," Abiona says of how her writing has remained constant. "I was ashamed to look at my desk. However, I was able to write down my thoughts and feelings a lot easier."

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