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Angela Thomas Smith-The Queen Of Collaborations

Angela Thomas Smith of Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC uses her platform to bring people of all artistry together, to collaborate, network, and get their businesses out to the public. She uses her resources and talent for writing and creating to bring others to new creative heights and give them the opportunity to be seen and heard. She is The Queen of Collaborations and she is making a difference in the literary industry.

"The Queen of Collaborations is whom I've become affectionately known as across these social media platforms and streets."

Who is Angela Thomas Smith aka Queen of Collaborations? -writer, author, poet, CEO, mentor, podcast and radio host, founder, and public speaker? Please share with readers your background.

The Queen of Collaborations is whom I've become affectionately known as across these social media platforms and streets. Who is Angela? A Child of the HIGHEST GOD. Angela is the youngest of four (two brothers & one sister) born on April 1st (yes April Fool’s Day) to the Late Glenn Lee Thomas Jr & Late Catherine Martin Thomas in Anderson County Memorial Hospital (now AnMed). I have experienced a lot from childhood to now, from suicide attempts to domestic violence. I decided to be the change she wanted to see in this world. We often say what we would like to see changed but do nothing about it. I saw a need in my brown community, I would not sit by and watch it go unanswered.

How did you know writing and creating was your initial calling? You have followed the path of Christ and have inspired millions with your platform, how did you know this was the path chosen for you?

I never dreamed or thought I would be any of the things I am doing today, life experiences allowed me the opportunity. Life was not easy, but I was introduced to God at an early age. Only by his grace and mercy, I am yet alive. In the middle of battling depression, God reminded me he had a plan for my life, and I decided to share his goodness. He saved my life and I want to help others so they don't have to go through the same things I did.

Aspiring Authors WORLDWIDE

Angela explains how Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC

came to be!

Owning a magazine is just one platform that can be a blessing to others in the way of exposure and collaboration. Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC is a platform formed to give writers, authors, and many more the chance to have a voice, especially in the black and brown community. Angela, with this platform, gives people a deeper perspective on what topics affect the black and brown community and if chosen, you can make all the difference.

How did you start your company and magazine Aspiring Authors Magazine LLC?

Faith and trusting the word that had been put in me for years finally allowed me to wake up and chase my dreams. When you are your own BOSS- if you do not produce, then you do not eat. I started my company and magazine because I saw a need in my community that needed to be addressed. I refused to settle and be a part of the problem. I want to leave this place better than it found me.

How has this magazine brought a spotlight to not only your creative works but to others as well?

When I started this journey all I wanted to do was let people know they had a purpose and that they could do anything they put their mind to. The God I serve cannot be put in a box. Be the BEST version of you that you can be, you only get one chance at this. Do not allow people to put you in a place you do not want to be! The mantle of my life has allowed me to walk many paths that can be an outlet and resource for others. All I hope and pray for is that those that cross my path will do the same and PAY IT FORWARD!

Why are you called "Queen of Collaborations"? You make it your mission to collaborate and make people soar on your platforms, how has collaborating and consulting upped your platform and business?

LOL, not sure who started calling me that, but the name grew on me, and everyone started calling me “The Queen of Collaborations”. I love to network, partner, and collaborate with others. I do not have to be in the spotlight. I try to provide an opportunity to Empower individuals to push forward and sometimes we just need a reminder.

What is the mission of your movement #L3MOVEMENT and the AAALAC (African American Author Literacy Awareness Campaign)- the African American Author Literacy Awareness Campaign?

The #l3movement (L.E.A.R.N./L.O.V.E./L.E.A.D.) is to bring healing to our cities around the world through learning, loving, and leading the way THROUGH THE WORD OF GOD. As people we must understand as this world evolves, we must evolve, be willing to learn, and be taught. Love is one of the greatest commandments, love draws, love is action, and covers a multitude of sins. To all my Leaders, it is our job to train, develop, and grow leaders to LEAD the way for others to come after them.

How do you think you have evolved in your craft in the last few years? How can you continue to grow and expand in your craft as a writer, author, and CEO?

I can honestly say I have evolved from paying people to publish for me to being able to publish my own books (49). I am always learning, loving, and leading the way as humbly as I know how. I am always learning because this world is forever evolving.

Connections are powerful. You never know who you'll meet that can change your life and career for the better. Angela uses her belief in others' potential and her own belief in her craft.

Please share and elaborate with readers on the inspiration/message behind some of your best sellers:

I wanted to give others an opportunity to share their story. Not everyone has a whole book in them, but they have a message to share that needs to be heard. Most of the individuals that join my projects are 1st-time authors. I truly believe in networking and collaborating.

1. "I Am Owning My Truth" This book was inspired because I wanted people to see that we all have been through something that we had to own up to so we can heal and walk in purpose.

2. "121 Days of Prayer" Book 1 birth from 3 words L.E.A.R.N./L.O.V.E./L.E.A.D. and psalm 121 after being in 5 am prayer 121 days (about four months). Giving 138 women from around the world the opportunity to share affirmations inside this book (our youngest co-author 96yrs MOTHER FORBES).

3. Poetry and Short story Anthology "Learn, Love and Lead: Whole Movement" Soul Full metamorphosis was the book that started the #L3movement. This book was delayed until December 2021, and I did not understand it until October 11th. I lost my first cousin, big brother & best friend. This loss ripped my soul and God yet got the glory. Gone but never forgotten, I was able to honor my cousin's LEGACY.

4. "Words Speak", your anthology story. This three-book POETRY series gave me the opportunity to work with some amazing poets from around the world.

“YOU DIDN’T GET DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY. YOU WERE PURPOSELY PLACED HERE BY THE CREATOR. Dreams do come true, so never stop dreaming.”-Angela Thomas Smith

Giving to Others

Angela gives advice to those who have the potential to tell their truth!

What advice can you share with readers about living in their truth and following their goals and dreams to be a writer and creator?

Dreams do come true, so never stop dreaming. If you fail do not stay down, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Many have failed before you, but we did not stay down. We kept getting up, that is how we made it where we are today! There is no perfect way to do anything. Life is an experience, an experience we have never had before, so we are always LEARNING. Show LOVE, what you give out always comes back. Choose to be a LEADER and allow the creator to lead and direct you. It is okay to get HELP. It does not make you WEAK (wake up, let the EGO go, LOVE more and move in POWER, allow God to be God!

"Life is an experience, an experience we have never had before, so we are always LEARNING."

When you believe in yourself, your goals and dreams can become a reality. Angela's goals and dreams are not only prospering for herself, but it's giving other creatives a chance to succeed and glow in their ambitions to be better.

What message do you carry with you daily as you continue to soar in different creative areas, continue to build your brand, and share with the others who are trying to make it in this industry?

My message to everyone “YOU DIDN’T GET DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY. YOU WERE PURPOSELY PLACED HERE BY THE CREATOR.” Find out what your purpose is and walk in it. If you need a LIFE COACH, the Queen of Collaborations is a certified L.I.F.E. coach here to push you in your purpose. Find your NICHE and be whom GOD CALLED YOU TO BE. Always be willing to learn, move in love, and be a leader. You will never fail, even if you fall do not stay down.

What upcoming projects are lined up for you in the coming months? Please share with readers any details on upcoming new projects!

WOW, the Queen has her hand in a lot.

(1) Ladies of Legacy Show airing on BHC media streaming to ROKU, AMAZON TV, APPLE TV, YouTube & Firestick mid-February (FOR 60 DAYS)

(2) 121 days of 5 am prayer (started February 1st join us on zoom or clubhouse) and book project. #l3movement (BOOK DROPS SEPTEMBER 1ST)

(3) My birthday celebration, book launch & fashion, I will be honoring eleven Queens on April 2nd, 12 pm-4 pm at Landmark Hotel & resort in Myrtle Beach SC. Reserve your spot (only 75 available)

(4) O.N.E. dynasty (blog talk radio) host of a show titled “Walking in Purpose w/Angela” airs every four weeks on Wednesday at 9:30 pm (est) please call in (@ 516-453-9133) Press 1 to join the conversation brought to you by DEM BOYZ @ looking glass entertainment.

(5)Current 2021-2022 Global Face of Africa fashion for P.E.A.C.E. AMBASSADOR. I AM HONORED TO WEAR THAT CROWN AND SASH!

(6) I have my hands in a lot but you can keep up with me on social media. PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON LINKTREE ( and come connect with me in a city near you in near future for a LIVE EVENT.

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