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America continues to disappoint every single time.

As we are watching and waiting with shot nerves to see who will become the 46th President of The United States, it is clear that America has shown its behind once again. The amount of support for racism and white supremacy continues to be nauseating and completely heartbreaking. Is this the kind of history we have to continue to teach our kids? Is this the kind of country we have to continue to live in? It's unbelievable how people can still vote for a legacy that is dehumanizing to black people time and time again. I get it, if it doesn't personally affect you then who cares right?

America, you continue to be a disappointment. End of story. I hope this time we learn that not voting, not caring gets us these results as we wait on edge. This administration wants to dismantle our livelihoods and people still don't give a damn. Amazing. Truly amazing.

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