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Abuse and Trauma: How do you think Black women are really treated?

Megan Thee Stallion, a famous, wealthy, and well loved by celebrity who was practically violated, put into a life threatening and traumatizing experience by somebody she considered a friend or allegedly a love interest. Day in and day out black women who suffer verbal, mental, emotional or physical abuse are typically never believed and yet the world preaches about getting justice for black women? If a famous woman like Meg isn't allowed the grace and dignity of telling her story all because some consider her a "wild woman" or promiscuous based on how she acts and dresses etc. and that she somehow deserved it than how exactly do you think black women are treated everyday? Where the rightful justice?

Sadly, as a whole black women have shared decades worth of trauma and experiences of being violated in any form at some point their lives. While it may not be happening to you, it could, the thought is real in the world, in the country that we are in, and one has to be prepared for the unimaginable. And no, this is not a "all women experience this" post. Why? Because since most women experience it, wouldn't it make sense that black women experience more of it because of the racist society that we subjected to? It's time that people including those that don't protect us, realize that inter-sectional harms/needs do in-fact exist. It cannot be dismissed or undermined just because people preach about "all".

Black women. Save yourself from that do you harm, don't think to be the automatic protector of your abuser because you are afraid of consequences that would befall him. Save yourself because none but you can. Burn down all that harms and kills you. Be your own guiding light from the destruction that tries its hardest to tear you down. Protect black women.

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