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A Black Woman's Act of Refusal-Be Loud and Speak Up!

Black women face challenges on a daily and it's important to create a peaceful and open space where one is aloud to be loud, speak up when needed and talk back on pain, loss and not be invalidated for the things that we go through as black women in this society.

The fourth session in the Kinky Curly Theological Collective's Talking Back series with Dr. Crystal Moten spoke about the way black women are continually taking a stand, making and creating theory, being grounded in not just ourselves but also with the world. What we say and do tends to be policed, in a way to destabilize and silence black women but with enough support, strength and anger, nobody can deny what we are feeling and wanting to convey.

Unfortunately, black women aren't able to hold many power positions where we can raise our voices, speak on what is important to us and not let society habitually silence us on injustices done to us as a collective being. Many think our ideas and expression is radical, but we are not letting our victimization be the forefront of our activism.

If anything, this year, this summer alone has taught us that black women are pulling the reigns on social movement and refusal to let the white man or white power speak on what is important for us. Don't let society do what we should be doing for ourselves and our community-protect our sacred energy and beliefs.

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