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A Black and South Asian Woman is headed to the White House! Change is here.

We finally know the results of the election and now we have President-elect Joe Biden and for the first time, a Black and South Asian Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. It feels surreal as a black woman to see this kind of history be made, all because of the black vote, action and most importantly-voice.

I'm so proud to have seen a first time Black man in Barack Obama be President for 8 years, I was younger at the time bu still. And now to see Kamala Harris be in the second most powerful position in the world, as a black woman, it's about time. It was long overdue. The work that Stacey Abrams put into making sure voters were registered to vote in Atlanta shouldn't go thankless and black voters hard work in Philly shouldn't go thankless either. Black voters are a dominate force and when we need things done, we get it done.

I can't wait to see what President Biden and Vice President Harris will achieve for the us, especially the black community. Being a black woman feels special in this moment and I'm proud Kamala Harris made history.

The work never stops. We did dat!!!

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