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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Rahway Girlz Publishing

Rahway Girlz Publishing is continuing to grow and shine in their talents of writing, creating, and self-publishing. Thank you for being on this journey with us! 


Our Story

"To create, is to be confident in your abilities to produce content that showcases your talents and creativity. When Rashonda Aiken decided to create Rahway Girlz Publishing, an all black women Self-Publishing company, she did it so not only can she be proud of it, share with the world her own talent of writing novels, but also a company that her daughters Wynter and Se’Quince can use to their advantage in the literary world. Rahway Girlz Publishing, in Rashonda's eyes, is the stepping stone to establishing themselves in the literary and publishing world. RGP Muse Magazine sat down with Rashonda for a quick word on her self publishing process and how she thinks self-publishing her own work has made her a better writer."-Wynter Aiken

Meet The Team

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